Sega will reduce its operations in the United States and Europe

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Sega Company,,company profiles,dreamcast,sega,sega company,sega dreamcast,sega games,sega genesis,sega portableThe Japanese company Sega will restructured its business in the United States.UU. and Europe following the decrease in sales in the last fiscal year. Specifically, in the current fiscal year sales decreased by 8% compared to the previous period due above all to the ” adverse market conditions ” in the United States.UU. and Europe.

“In the consumer sector, we have decided to undertake a restructuring of the organization responsible for games boxed for U.S. markets.”UU. “and Europe, with the objective of establishing a structure that can generate steady profits, as a part of the strategy to restore growth and improving income,” the company said in an official statement. The digital sector will be one of the fronts in which Sega will insist to grow in the future, something demonstrated the success of titles for mobiles as Kingdom Conquest, which has sold more than 2,500,000 units in just three months. In comparison, Sonic Generations, the second best-selling title of the fiscal year, sold 1,800,000 in 4 months.


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