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I present to you the 10 best sources of traffic free, for your blog.

Learn how to increase his blog traffic, to increase his popularity, his referencing. For the purpose of increasing your income, if you sell something or that you have advertising.

I turn now to the serious things:

 1: search engines

Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines must be your best contributors of traffic in the long run for your blog (especially Google !).

Almost all visitors pass through this type of search engine to find information on the web. Be present, visible, and work this strategy at the start of your activity.

The 3 largest search engines to increase traffic to your blog

               1. Submit

               2. Submit
  3. Submit

click on submit (send) to send your blog to search engines.

  2: web directories

Quality web directories can also be a potential source of traffic for your blog.

You can try to reference your web site on the directories manually, what will in any event be preferable to automatic referencing.

This increases your visibility, and above all, (this is for this that I place in the second) This allows you to create links for your referencing.

So to do from the beginning, and then not there return more!

 3: RSS feeds

It is essential to build your blog to an RSS feed that will be responsible for periodically identify the list of the latest articles published on your web site.

Do not hesitate to also to submit this RSS to many directories of RSS.

Many visitors who enjoyed your blog at first glance, will have this stream in Favorites, as a source of information, and thus of potential traffic for your blog

 4: social networks

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter,… also can be an excellent source of traffic for blogs.

Link your account facebook to your Twitter account automatically.

create a page Facebook Fan of your site or blog
You maintain your reputation on the web to a very targeted audience.

Be sure to do not automate, and to create a human relationship with your fans.

To increase traffic to his blog with social networks, you must post powerful titles, arouses curiosity, and want to click to your fans and see tips on face book.

 5: direct visits

Your direct visitors are undoubtedly your best visitors because they have the advantage of assessing your content, and thus spend time in your content, and read you.

To work it, you must publish quality content, on a regular basis.

To increase traffic to his blog with direct visits, set up a newsletter. It is the best way to retain your readers.

 6: digg like and other directories of articles

An excellent source of traffic at the start of your activity, is to post articles on directories of articles.

You can also decide to post “portions of articles” on sites in your area. Interested visitors then click on the link and consult with your blog.

Some diggs as Scoopeo, Digg, Reedit, can get you many visitors, where your traffic is still low. It is a task that can be long, as soon as you can, then abandon, or delegate here.

Indeed, after a while, this will represent a small portion of your traffic, when you receive area 15 000 and 20 000 visitors per month for example.

7: partner sites

Feel free also to many partnerships with other sites in the same sector of activity as yours.

You will exchange of traffic, and a part of the visitors of your partners could eventually find interest in your blog. Guest Posting, exchange links, mentions in the social networks or newsletters, affiliation…autant of non-negligible means, to increase his blog, quite quickly, and targeted traffic.

 8: discussion forums

Leave your opinion on discussion forums and leave your address below in the signature (after a few replies), and answer some questions well.

Discussion forums can, without a doubt, make you a very important traffic flows. The wholesale advantage: a stream of targeted and highly relevant traffic for your web site.

A lot of visitors will find interest in your website, and thus decide to return regularly. Attention, your advertising in the forums, should be done in a non-advertising way!

 9: other blogs

You can leave comments on other blogs in your niche (with your URL address). Many visitors targeted, read the comments, and if your is relevant, you can take advantage of these visits.

On the other hand, relevant and interesting comments, will improve your expert status and your visibility and your referencing (for the link).

10: YouTube, DailyMotion and company

Videos on other sites like YouTube by inserting your signature in the video to invite visitors to visit your web site. Tutorials, Web Tv, Buzz… create videos of interest to your target.

Source of traffic BONUS: increase traffic to his blog with paid traffic

If you sell products, one of the fastest ways to increase traffic to his blog, and generate sales is to create campaign ad words, Facebook, or other.

The purpose, sufficient optimize your campaign and your pages of destination, to ensure that the revenues from the sale, are higher than the costs of advertising.
Always in the paying, do not neglect conventional marketing.


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