Linking your Twitter Viadeo

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Gadgets
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Find out how easily connect your Twitter with your Viadeo profile account. and you can Add the Viadeo sharing button.

Once your Twitter and Viadeo accounts synchronized, any new message on one of your profiles is automatically published on the second and vice versa.

Step 1: Install Twitter on your Viadeo account

Click on the button “install applications” in part to update your profile, and then select the Twitter application.

Lier Son Twitter Et Viadeo

Click “add to my profile”. You will in the next steps more specifically define the Viadeo actions generate a tweet.

Note: Enter your Twitteruser name.

Once your name, select the number of tweets you want to publish on Viadeo.

Lier Son Twitter Et Viadeo

Your profile is now connected to Twitter and your last 5 tweets are displayed on your profile (click on the Twitter picto in right column to view

Step 2: Set up the synchronization of your profiles Viadeo and Twitter

If you do not set the application, by default, any activity on Viadeo will generate a tweet and will therefore be visible from all your followers on Twitter (users subscribers to your mail flow).

Remember that you can not refuse a follower on Twitter, so you best interest to filter the information that you communicate via Viadeo. When you add a new contact to your directory for example.

On your profile, click on the Twitter picto in the writing of messages window:

You authorize Viadeo to access your Twitteraccount. Then, you select mailing preferences that agree you:

Remember to select the link with the details of your activities Viadeo bottom.

The site offers then uncheck the actions for which you do not want to communicate on Twitter. Essential to avoid disturbance of your followers with actus interest free!

Here are all the shares on Viadeo which can generate a tweet:

Once these parameters defined, the “linkage” of profile is completed.

Now it will suffice you to use one or the other of your accounts to publish your news simultaneously on your profiles Twitter and Viadeo.

And do not forget to linking your RSS feeds to twitter and also linking your facebook with twitter account. And link your twitter to Linkedin account for better visibility.


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