Correction: description wrong and the picture on the sharing of posts to Facebook

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Blog Tricks
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When you share a message on Facebook, it displays a sticker picked in the page of message with a short description of the position. But in many cases Facebook fails to identify the good image and description to use. This is totally boring, and I received many requests to the subject on my Facebook page and by email.

So for those who are trying to figure a way out of this, here is the solution.

What image and description not collect Facebook from your Message page


Facebook regularly scrape your page and caches the data on your servers. They seek information from metadata (tags Opengraph and others) in your page. Metadata can explicitly specify the image and description to use when the page is shared.If Facebook is not metadata, their algorithms is picking up another description and image of your page.

Facebook shows a description and a wrong image, when their algorithms are not able to pick up the good image and a description of your post page.

We solve both of these problems by using two different techniques.


1 The problem of incorrect image.

You probably noticed that the avatars of comments, and other irrelevant images happens when you share the post on Facebook. The solution to this is to specify the image in the metadata of the page. We will use the graph open for the same tags.

Go to the template > Edit HTML code

</ Head>

and just above

Paste the following code.

<b:if cond=’data:blog.postImageThumbnailUrl’> <meta expr:content=’data:blog.postImageThumbnailUrl’ property=’og:image’/> <b:else/> <Meta property = ‘og: image “/> </ B: if>

You can change the URL of the image in the above excerpt. This image will be used when no thumbnail post is present.

Now, when you share messages on Facebook, an appropriate thumbnail will be displayed. If the post has no images, the image of downturn that we have specified in the extract will be used. If you don’t see results immediately, then it is because the caching done by Facebook. You can force Facebook to update the cache by the debugging of the URL of the note of the use of this tool.


2 Fixing the wrong problem Description

Bad designation when Facebook is not able to recognize the content and structure of your page. This feature can also be corrected with metadata, but since blogger does not provide an extract tag position outside the blog widget, it is impossible to do so using the HTML code invalid. Therefore, we will have to go to other alternatives. If the metadata is not found, then Facebook normally use the first paragraph of your page (which is pretty big). Therefore, it will be a good idea to get used to the paragraph

HTML content. The editor to publish content do not use paragraph tags, but instead uses many line break tags. Therefore, if you use the editor to publish content, then you will need to go to the HTML of the message editor mode, and make sure that you use paragraph tags (I agree that it is hard to do something). If you cannot take this evil of head, then you can use a third-party tool such as the publication of Windows Live Writer a Edition of quality controls. After this, you will have again to force the refresh of the cache by using the debugging tool Facebook and your message should show a good description on Facebook.


3 Upcoming scripts in the description of Facebook

I had seen one or two cases where JavaScript code snippets coming in the description of Facebook. Facebook somehow confused the script content, and it is probably because of the way you added the script. Go to your model and see is there are special characters in front of this particular script tag. If you find one, then remove it, and force a refresh of the cache Facebook.



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