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Important: Each update that you do to the phone’s Firmware, will have to repeat the process again.

It is expected to draw a simple and automatic way but at the moment this is what we have. As always, we are not responsible for the possible damage that may occur to the device.

1.-You have done on your iPhone jailbreak

2. Install SAM from Cydia find it at the repo.bingner.com

3 Open SAM with the icon you will find on the SpringBoard

4 Enter the SIM of another operator

5 Go to Utilities and select “of-Activate iPhone”

6 Select “Method” in SAM and choose “By Country and Carrier” Search your country and company (the original of the iPhone you have, not the want to liberate)

7 Go to “More Information and copy the IMSI in”SAM Details””

8 Click “Spoof Real SIM to SAM”

9 Return to the main screen of SAM and change your method to Manual

10 Paste the IMSI that you copied earlier in its appropriate place

11 Connect your iPhone to iTunes and allows your activation

Verifies that the ICCID parameter appearing in iTunes agrees with your SIM card, if it does not need to start from the beginning.

12 Disconnect your iPhone and close iTunes

13 Disable SAM (unchecking “Enabled”), or but desinstalalo completely

14 Connects your iPhone again and iTunes will give you an error saying that your iPhone can not be activated. It is normal, close iTunes and vuelveló to open

15 You have released iPhone, coverage bars should appear immediately

16.-If Push notifications stop working can repair them using SAM, only have to access and click “Clear Push” and then connect to iTunes.

Note: the iPhone is free only for the SIM you put, it is free for any company, if you want to change your company must return to make the whole process with the SIM that you want to use.

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