The 10 best search engines to locate icons

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Find the perfect icon for any design project can be complicated, especially when you have to sift from among the thousands and thousands of sets of icons that are freely available. This occurs in an amount of productive time lost and wasted that actually find the perfect icon becomes a kind of mission impossible.

Fortunately those of SpeckyBoy , leave us a nice collection of 10 best and useful icon search engines , we can find in the article  Top 10 Icon Search Engines and Libraries .

Fortunately the search engines do all the heavy lifting for us. Simply enter your search criteria, and we provide all possible icons from there, with the database that corresponds to your original search, making it much easier to find the appropriate icon.

Here I leave a list of them all:

1 .

2 . IconFinder

3 . iconlet

4 . Icon Seeker

5 . Very Icon

6 .

7 . Icons Search Engine

8 . Icon Lib

9 . Open Icon Library

10 . Icon Archive


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