WhatsApp is updated with improvements

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The most popular instant messaging App has been updated with many new features to the version 2.6.10:

Improved the ability to share locations, and add a search for ubicacionesAñadir to share locations of devices that have 3 iOS and iOS   error with some photos that take a long time to load when we try to send them.Display the names of the participants of group chat under the issue of group, in the bar of  navigation  languages:

Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Japanese, and other updates of location (in a few days will have more languages) added the ability to send a message directly to a contact from the group when you type and keep your finger on the message on the screen of the conversation of the grupoEn the chat screenindicate when a group is silenciadoSe has added an icon small to improve display a location sent/received on the screen ChatsSe has added an alert on the costs before you call my account for the first time since WhatsAppBorrar’ in settings > settings ChatCualquier participant of the group can now update the icon of the corrected grupoFallos, etc…


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