Samsung Galaxy S 3 price

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Android
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When the Samsung Galaxy S phone on III also announced a number of accessories for the device, but did not provide detailed information or photos. But Mobile Fun British specialist site selling smartphones put the device extensions for sale with pictures and details and prices. Extensions that have been made are four is the absence of wireless and this piece shipment conforms to some rumors that piece shipping Wireless may be delayed before they reach the market. But now I started following accessories market availability:

Help this pen to use the device without leaving fingerprints on the screen, it also provides higher resolution for handwriting and recording observations and some useful tasks but do not rise to the level of the tasks that can be performed in Galaxy Note with more sophisticated S-Pen pen. It may seem dense pen but according to the site is very easy and comfortable to carry and use. Price: £ 20 (approx. $ 32).

This piece simple design can be connected directly to any high-definition TV via HDMI and can broadcast movies, games, music and photos wirelessly from your phone to the widget that display screen broadcasts. The advantage of this piece that it does not need to provide any type of wireless communication in TV and do not depend on the wireless network in the home, broadcast directly from the phone to the widget. Price: £ 80 (approx. $ 128).

This piece has a dual action, device holder and charger extra battery at the same time. If you have purchased extra battery for the device can be installed inside this piece for shipment, this piece has a microUSB port can increase electricity via connected computer or power jack. At the same time allows surface top install phone comfortable angle for use allows you to use your phone to check alerts or read e-mail easily. Price: 35 pounds (about 56 dollars).

This allows elegant cover protects the phone front and back without sacrificing its slimness. The back cover to replace the back cover of the phone, you need to install the back cover battery cover, telephone allowance and front-end cover extends to cover the screen. If no objection to the use of your phone with the cover is installed with all the time you can get it for £ 30 (about 48 dollars).

What do you think of these extensions? Do you buy none if I got the device? Let us know in the comments.


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