Flipboard application for Android phone leaked

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Android
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If you ask any person holding an Android phone and had no idea about iOS and its applications the following question: “ cm applications on alaifun you wish is available on Android ”, there is a high probability that after great thought will emerge only two applications only: Instagram and Flipboard. As Instagram finally released last month I don’t think that he had stayed another application makes us feel jealous of alaifun owners only Flipboard! (With Conservatory for lanstagharam, but anyway …).

The good news is that when revealed Samsung Galaxy S device III said that Flipboard is coming exclusively to the device, and application developers said that later will be available for a variety of devices. But you don’t need to wait while one XDA forums members get a chance to see a pilot version of the Galaxy S phone have accompanied III provides time in extracting Flipboard application APK format so you can download it here.

For those who don’t know Flipboard is an application for reading the News Reader can be likened to Google or the closest analogy is Google Currents but offers a surfing attractive and fun to you to dispense with any other applications to read the news.

When you run the application you can choose from ready made group categorizations you application (such as technology, sports … Etc.) can also connect with Twitter and Facebook accounts to bring news of them, or you can search manually and add any site. For example you can search for ardroid.com to add news from our site.

You experience application on Galaxy phone Nexus it works excellently and awesome, I don’t know how it will work on devices with low specifications it offers great graphics and animation smoothness and beauty, for this I experience on your phone and tell us the result.





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