Google TV from LG is available to request in advance in the United States

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Google, Uncategorized
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Since LG announced in the first month of the year during the exhibition CES 2012 on new TVs that run Android 3.0 (honey), we did not hear anything about those devices. But today the company announced the availability of the prior request in the United States to be LG’s second company put televisions running Android after Sony raised its last year.

Model 47G2 has a screen measuring 47 inches and is priced at $ 1599, while larger screen model 55G2 55 inch priced at $ 2099. Recalls that LG added modifications private interfaces that look pretty and practical. It also has a remote control that provides an easy way to control the mouse pointer on the screen by moving the hand required trends.

Recall that both Sony and Samsung announced earlier on new televisions running Android is supposed to be raised during the forthcoming period.



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