Holo Launcher: get skins ice cream sandwich on Android 2.3

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Android
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Are you still your phone on a ginger bread (Android 2.3) while you hear all the time chats about splendor interfaces Android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich)? Unfortunately I do not have the latest version of Android only 5% of devices but this does not mean that you can’t now experience new interfaces across this allanshar.

Although a number of other allanshar applications provide themes ice cream sandwich, but themes designed to appear similar to design I to produce ice cream. But the new allanshar that we want to talk about today is practically Holo Theme based on the latest Android version I to produce than 4.0.4 is running. No it’s the same basic allanshar for version but has been modified to work on Android 2.3 with add many other features not present in the original allanshar.






Style ice cream sandwich, including icons, folders, and applications with his arrangements … drawer Alkhamkanet add up to 9 pages navigation application drawer key assignment either in vertical format or alavkishrit main applications below customizable so you can put up to 7 icons with its permanent home lltmariraltmrare: when you reach the last screen automatically returns to the screen alaoliallms multiplayer on the home screen to see thumbnails of the other screens and go to mbashrhakhez back allanshar settings, and shortcuts from other features the leading the many screens, most notably Keep in memory that prevents reload the allanshar when Return to the home screen for devices with low RAM.

Still in beta-stage Launcher Holo of this shop is not available after Google PlayStation. That I liked his experience can download apk from here by wording.


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