best tips to earn money from your blog in 2012

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Earn Money, SEO Tips

How You Can Start to Make Money With Your Blog From Today

A model for making money

Just as you must have a plan to ensure your success and start making money with your blog is very important to have a specific plan to work with monetization.

You need a simple way that gives a general idea of where to go and what to do and in what order to run this plan.

Follow the next six points that will show you from now on will ensure that you will have a future public involved and willing to buy your products and you refer to them:

Tip1Create a list and engage your audience

When I started a few years ago I thought I would just write some good things, some advertisers would like to contact me, and then I would somehow get the money a month from advertisements.

Rookie mistake.

Make a list of e-mail as soon as you start your blog, and start collecting subscribers. But unless you have an established reputation with visitors, will probably have a little trouble getting start creating these so assinantes.Vai a hint:

Give them a reason to sign up as a free ebook or a mini-course. Sooner you start building your email list, the better. Because the sooner you have a list the sooner you can start build trust with your audience and establish themselves as having expertise in some area.

What you should have done earlier: You should put the option in his blog entry on the first day with a subscription service of email as Aweber, iContact and others, and offered an ebook or mini-course to subscribers.

Tip2  – Fine tune your content

probably need to make some adjustments to your content and posts. This means testing a variety of topics closely related to your niche and see which best content that drew more attention from your audience. You can test these qualities on the basis of re-tweets, facebook sharing, opinions, actions and comments, although these metrics alone should not be taken as a single action to be done as analysis.

Just remember that in the beginning will be more difficult to find out what your audience likes and dislikes, because you can not have an audience yet! Just have fun and do well in early tests.

What you should not do: Write about a variety of topics, and not keep analyzing what was popular and what was not.

What you should do: You must have deliberately tested various types of content with your audience and used the results that were bringing more (Google Analytics) and improve to write about this particular subject in the future.

Three. Show some unity and exchange of learning

One of the worst and most serious mistakes I made was not trying to reach and connect with other people in my niche, not trying to follow people who had already achieved the goals I wanted, not to establish relations with other people in the online world.

You can not do it all alone in the blogosphere and you must create genuine relationships it will be the most beneficial thing you can do to help your business take off and start making money with your blog .

The following three types of people you should make a list and build friendships:

People in a niche similar to its
people who are doing what you expect to be doing a day (mentors)
people you see that will grow in coming years and need to be heard (students)
What you should not do: Believe you can succeed alone, and make no effort to connect with others.

What you should do: You should share as much as possible with its partners and establish several people as mentors who have attained the goals you are striving to achieve.

Tip 4 – consciously build your audience and your list

There are three ways you can deliberately build your list and public and faster than just letting it grow organically:

Getting better positioned in search engines using SEO techniques
Using webinar where people need to register to participate and get more information
provide unique content or a course that requires additional free registration. For example: You can take a course divided into ten parts and use your auto-responder to send for free. And in return you capture the e-mail this thereby increasing their contact list.
What you should not do: Think only the visitor to find your content is all settled.

What you should do: You should post to your blog as much as humanly possible, make joint efforts with other bloggers to do webinars, and donate tons of free content, extremely valuable (in various forms).

Tip 5 – Do some espionage work

At this point you should be asking, “What am I doing with all these people that I capture the information? I was giving them all a great content, building relationships with others around me, and now has a list of some people. What is the next step? ”

Here is one of the next steps you should take to start earning money with your blog: find out what your audience wants in detail and what problem you can solve them.

A valuable strategy you can use is to do consulting for free, that’s right, GRÁTIS.Neste point, your audience respects you and sees you as somewhat of an authority. So why should I give free consultation?

You will gain some experience you can later use to transfer a paid consultant.
You will see patterns of problems that the public has, and you can begin to develop a product tailored to their needs directly.
What you should not do: Assuming you already know what your audience wants.

What you should do: You should have made a number of things: given a questionnaire, consulting (free / paid), to research what others are selling in the same niche.

Tip1 6- Make a product or promote a product

In so far as products go, the historical path that people have taken is to make an ebook. Ebooks work well and lend themselves to automation, but there is a recommendation that you should know because some ebooks work more than others.

Launch a program or course for a limited time online, for example, once every four months. The reason I suggest doing an online course is that it helps you jump exponentially over time (both in terms influence and financial).

Every time you start your course, you build your email list, you receive feedback, and you discover what your audience wants. And then you can start the course again and, assuming you have received feedback, you can update it. And, assuming you did a good job you can develop your product, you now have a larger list, the more exposure and a wider audience. benefits grow over time.

The other option you have to start making money is to promote affiliate products. Most bloggers today use systems to promote affiliate products and make big profits.


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