Maxthon allows you to make your own Android phones!

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Android
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Why might you need to manufacture Android browser with a logo and specifications of your own? I don’t know! But if you’re interested in such a thing gives you the famous Browser Maxthon browser Android create your own copy of the browser. So you can make the browser with the name you choose, your own icon and a master page containing links and shortcuts you want. You can choose between 11 different sim and put your own picture show splash screen when the program is run.

When you finish building the browser specifications can download and install apk format in your phone.

Your browser Maxthon Browser depends of course on which the company says that the fastest browsers on Android also offers a rich set of features kmzamenh your tags and bookmark your favorite sites to the cloud, the private browsing feature does not impact on the device, and browsing feature full screen also supports some plugins and share pages via social networks easily and provide Manager for downloading files and browsing through tabs Tabs. Most wonderful from this is that it is free and free of ads at the same time.


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