Best tips to protect your Facebook Account

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Fece Book

Facebook’s privacy policy. 10 tips on how to protect your information.

Facebook has announced that the system has 300 million registered users, but the Internet giant says fairly little about our privacy policy. Already more than once is a scandal for this reason, the U.S. study showed that as many as 45% of employers seeking information about the candidates on social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. So, here are 10 tips, even how to protect your data.

1st Create your list of friends.

Select Friends> All Friends.

Select Create to create the lists of friends, other friends, relatives, coworkers. That you need to set some privacy settings. On the right you will see all your friends. Select Add to the list and assign each of them my friends.

2nd Change the profile of the level of privacy

Select Settings> Privacy Settings> Profile. Determine what and how information can be seen.

Also be sure to select the Personal Information menu to change any of your personal information may be viewed online.

3rd Control who can view your photos

When you open your own profile picture and selecting the settings you can change what it will be visible. For this you will need to click the privacy Album. By clicking Customize, you can choose to see some albums, before you create a group of friends. Incidentally, it is important to note that Profile album will always be visible to all your friends.
4th Be invisible to search for

Go Settings> Privacy Settings> Search

Choose who can find your profile by using search and see what information can he found.
5th Take control of records and automated border news flows

You will need to select Settings> Privacy Settings> News and the wall and then select what information your friends can see. Unfortunately, here you can not choose which friends see your information, so the only choice is as follows: all or nothing.
6th Avoid the appearance of their advertisements

Facebook has two types of ads: Facebook and third parties. Third parties do not have the right to use your image, but in future it could happen. Insure in advance and do not let your information appear in advertisements.
For this you will need to go Settings> Privacy Settings> News and the Wall, and choose Facebook Ads No one here noted.


7th Set up a Facebook wall the level of privacy

Open your own profile, then click Options, followed by the word and share settings. Below you will see descriptions and published jointly by the question: Who can see friends and records? You have several choices.

If you choose Custom – you can enter a number, before you create groups of friends.


8th Protect your information from friends and the programs you use

You must re-visit the Privacy Settings and select Programs. First of all you will see Overview window, select Settings, and thus remove all the check boxes. This is probably the most escalated the theme of ‘Facebook’ privacy, because if your friend  opens any program – For your information, which has just been marked ticks, it becomes accessible to the developers. I do not think you want.
9th Your use of the program or used

Every time you start any new, unused still in your Facebook application – you must agree to allow access to all information about you. Another option we simply do not Facebook. You do not want to – do not use. What can you change? You can open the Settings> Application Settings and change the Recently Used in the Authorized. I hope that you will find these programs, which do not want to grant access to your information, so delete them. By the way, be sure to check and Allowed to Post Additional Permissions Granted and programs, and delete those which you do not want to grant such rights.


10th Decided to stop using Facebook? Delete, not just delete his profile

You can easily delete your Facebook account went down to the settings, but in this case, all your information will remain on Facebook. If you want to completely delete your account click here . It is important to note that:

First There is no set amount of time in your information deleted from the application date, will actually be deleted;
Second If you re-connect to Facebook – Your request will be automatically revoked;
Third There is no a single way that helps you to be notified of your request have been met;
4th Even after complete deletion of your account on Facebook, says that a copy of your photos can remain in their servers for technical reasons.

It should be noted that the day may come when someone  Facebook system and your information will be visible and accessible to all, and I wish everyone to be very careful.


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