How to clean up old Facebook Account status

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Fece Book

Facebook is a popular online Social Network That Allows users to connect with your friends and relatives from all corners of the world.

Finally, Facebook has failed to maintain the confidentiality of the media user attacks. Thousands of users have complained that some of the features Facebook will not protect your personal information, cause a lot of Petition against public functions, Facebook requires the suppression of security users. Facebook privacy has been improved to better protect their customers with information, but if you’re still not satisfied, you may want to consider a turn-off to permanently delete your personal history.
Login to your Facebook account with a username and password. “Home” menu, click on “friends” in the menu bar at the top. then manually delete all of your friendship by simply clicking the “x” next to each name.

This will remove all the bonds of friendship between a single click. Delete only their friendship is also distinguished by its relationship with the Facebook network.

Once you have removed all the friends by his own account, remove all traces of personal information in your profile. Find bar changes to my profile ‘s profile is located on the menu on the left. The “edit” screen, manually delete all the information. Save changes completely erase your the history of Facebook .
In Photo tab, remove all the images individually selecting the photos and description by clicking the “remove tags”. Photo is deleted. Erase all traces of yourself and your Network by Selecting “Delete Album” menu under the “Photos”.

Manually delete all the comments on your profile wall. Drag the mouse pointer over a comment that you souhaitez to delete and press the underlined “remove” next to comments.
All personal data retention periods can also be removed. The cursor on the “Edit” at the top of each application, allowing you to quickly remove those specific programs.

To completely remove the history of Facebook , disable the account. Back to the main page on Facebook and click the Settings tab. menu options allow you to control privacy settings limit the information that you want to share with the public or permanently deactivate your account.

After the user to disable account may take up to 12:0 for the account I will be completely inactive. you should again get another account after it has been disconnected from Facebook team


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