How to protect your i OS5 battery life time

Posted: May 19, 2012 in i Phone

Battery life on the iOS 5 has a large excavator iPhone IPhone 4 and 4S. As Apple Continue to work In a solution is fast and simple way to increase battery life.

The trick is clear lock screen notifications for push notifications. One of the sizing handles add-ons IOP increased 5 iOS message, particularly e-mail program. your previous versions of the IOS was only the sound of early warning and nothing more.

with IOS five letters are treated as all other communications, navigation, which allows you to configure alerts that are displayed on the screen is locked.

Each alert is activated in your device, the battery drains. Abolition of certain posts and lock screen can be a quick solution, which increases battery life.

Open the Settings app on your device IOS.

Tap the message.

Scroll down the list of the applications and select the whole app . This record, we use such as email.
Scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will find “See lock screen. Tap switch on / off switch off the lock screen messages.

Go through your list of apps and post messages to disable the screen capture for each application that you feel need immediate attention when you get a warning.

When you unlock your device, any messages that your lock screen does not appear at the top of the screen, are also listed in the notification tray.

Let’s be honest, to get a ton of messages pushed to your lock screen is a huge distraction anyway. Reduce the number of elements of information are That pushed to your screen will not only help Improve your battery life, but you’ll be more productive than the temptation to look at your phone when you check out a friend, is pushed to your device.


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