Samsung defends the use of the Galaxy S screen PenTile III

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Samsung
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Before the announcement of the phone S Galaxy III was the common belief is that Samsung will provide a unique type of screen Super AMOLED Plus HD, and promoted this rumor NWO “ published ” but found that aulid is wrong. Ultimately compel the device screen type Super AMOLED technology PenTile Matrix HD is the same screen available in Galaxy phone which was put before the Nexus about seven months from the date of disclosure of Galaxy S III.

Of course Excel Super AMOLED Plus displays (as found in Galaxy S II) in terms of the accuracy of colors displayed, but Super AMOLED HD excels in terms of accuracy (number of pixels), and so far has not made the Samsung screen combines the virtues of techniques. (Click here for more about the difference between monitors).

If why chose Samsung screen type of telephone best and PenTile later? This answered Philip Berne company official in an interview question with Mobile site that said to Burn where all screens after a certain age phones declining performance screen, featuring screen longevity conserving the same quality and color accuracy for longer than others. Any Galaxy S that your phone screen will look the same as III after three years for example!

In fact he may be technically true, but at a time when the default lifetime for any phone about two years on average, a period will not change the quality of any screen of any kind. Even if your phone excellent after two years of use, the rapid evolution of technology will help you to change in most cases. Therefore I think that this answer is just justification. The reason simply is that Samsung has not yet reached the stage that allow them to better screen business proposition of type Super AMOLED Plus HD, or fortunes do this screen for future phone (Galaxy Knut 2 e.g.????). In both cases, company spokesman will use an answer out about accuracy as the answer above.

But in the end I don’t understand from this that the device screen is bad, but are wonderful too and you can ask Nexus and Galaxy Galaxy owners Note that bear the same screen.

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