Sony Gulf announces updated ice cream sandwich for my Tablet S

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Android
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Sony Gulf announced the availability of the update to version of ice cream sandwich her computer Tablet Tablet S, although it did not mention a specific date to start receiving update but said press statement that will automatically notify all users of the machine, providing the option to update their operating system to Android 4.0.3.

The company had announced late last month that the availability of the update but it seems no time devoted to all devices with up to Middle East after update. Wish to start update access really soon.

For more information about specifications update see the press release that the company sent us a copy:

Dubai, 10 may 2012: Sony announced, the world leader in consumer electronics, today announced an important technical evolution in Sony tablet devices, through the free update of Android system, 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) which provides more sophisticated media experience for all consumers.

Provides the latest version of Android the new benefits package 4.0.3 and improvements to operating system Sony tablet computers. Besides the comprehensive renewal of the user interface, the update includes a number of unique applications and Sony and new posts, specially designed to make the experience a hardware review Sony Tablet more comfortable and appropriate.

Android provides a sense of more easily consistent 4.0.3 for Sony devices, tablet makes it easy to create new folders within the workspace, through simple drag movement. Users can also close applications used with the stroke of a finger, what speeds up system performance and prolong battery life. Sony device offers the opportunity to present browser Tablet more responsive navigation allows the user to instantly between desktop and websites, as well as to save Web pages to read later without the need for wireless Internet access.

In addition to standard improvements offered by the Sony Android 4.0.3, creating a set of distinct applications for more privacy in the user interface, and enhanced its status as a Centre for personal entertainment.

Users can now connect directly to Sony Tablet and watch content stored on removable SD memory cards for the jaw and full-size, what makes it an option more attractive to watch images and video clips that have been photographed by a still camera or video camera. And through the introduction of camera SD card in my Sony Tablet PC, users can see content on touch-screen and rich details, or save it on a Sony Tablet PC.

Saved posts with repeated use is easily restored by updating the new ” “ Small Apps from Sony. As “ always-on-top ” icon gives access real-time browser, remote control, and the calculator while using other functions of your Sony tablet. This post highlight enhanced machine intelligence, which allows users to more easily navigate between their favorite electronic, changing TV stations, or make some quick calculations, while watching the other content.

It also provides Android camera solutions 4.0.3 significantly improved images. Besides the rich editing features in the new OS, Sony added a wider choice of models slide show to increase your display images to the maximum.

Design is nice and easy to drive, a Sony Tablet PC by connecting users to the wonderful world of online entertainment with Exchange of content in Breeze.

And will be notified to all users of Sony hardware and provide the option of Tablet automatically update their operating system to Android 4.0.3.


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