Why you need SEO

Posted: May 20, 2012 in SEO Tips

Search engine optimization or SEO is a topic that increasingly wins more fans and popularity. However it is a topic that is still somewhat unknown for some bloggers and as often happens, the unknown generates mistrust.

In some blogs  criticism which we offer as authors guests within a blog. While, Yes, we want to make links to our web site, we also generate good content, although in this case there are two sides of the coin. On the one hand I myself have received some e-mails that might well be categorized as SPAM and which are a disgrace to anyone that dine is referred to as the SEO professional, but on the other hand, know of thousands of professionals around the world who practice the best SEO, giving benefits not only to their customers but also for its partners. However this is what is happening in any other profession, there are those who do their work in an impeccable way and also are those who do so in a fatal way.

Perhaps for this reason that many bloggers and websites owners are not open to contributions for the purpose of positioning, which is funny and sometimes very good why? On the one hand it is appropriate (especially blogs) sites that have already an image and authority on the Internet, should be a little more selective with sites that link, not only because linking to a site so they are recommending to their users, they must also maintain some credibility before them and also because the space to link in their blogs is limited. Under this premise it is understandable, even recommended, to not link to the page so it requires, but on the other hand must be aware about the benefits that can leave some collaborations.

At pro convince every reader that the SEO is essential, the following example perhaps help.

Currently working in Germany, country which is much more advanced in matters of SEO, only as reference, I can say in Berlin (city where I work) there are hundreds of start-ups devoted to Internet business, by the same hundred people engaged also in web positioning. The interesting thing about the case is that people who do SEO for markets such as the German or the English obtained better results than those we do SEO for Latin American countries, in my opinion this is due to cultural factors.

Willingness to collaborate. Our ability to work with people that do not know is still very limited, especially in the world of business.Knowledge. The fact that, in the field of electronic commerce and Internet usage, we are still behind countries like Germany or England, of course has an effect on the level of acceptance of SEO. In this case I speak specifically of what is happening in Germany, country in which can sue anyone for sending SPAM. This has as a consequence that those who do SEO, they do so in a manner more neat, so to speak. However the people related with the world of the Internet usually know the benefits of SEO, why demands are virtually non-existent.Effectiveness. The response time to a simple mail varies between countries, being the Latin countries have the longest response time. This much hinders the work that we do SEO since the time to close the negotiations can take weeks.

On the other hand, in United States the company SEO in its history has difficulties which passed through in its infancy, around 2002, when SEO was not so well known and the company was full of debts. However over the years were reversed the situation, until in 2007 received its first foreign investment of 1.1 million dollars, which catapulted them to become a company with capital of 12.5 million dollars. This did of course with much patience and faith in your project, but also through transparent and honest, practices with both customers and partners. As a result today is a blog/company in the world of SEO.

Considering the above factors, I would like to speak generally of the benefits of SEO, I think are sufficient reasons not only to not hate him but even to be evangelists for the same. Before I deal with the 3 reasons to not hate it, I want to mention that SEO is a very broad subject, which can be as in depth as needed for best results.

The profile of consumers is changing. Thanks to mobile technologies, consumers can tell us very quickly about products, places where buy them and their prices. So the first contact that business can establish with consumers is online.Having online presence, even for those businesses that do not depend on online sales is essential. Simply think of the people seeking reviews of restaurants in form online. Following this example, suppose that there are two restaurants one next to the other, a client to find the website of a restaurant to review the Charter, prices, photos, etc., can decide if go to him or not, while the restaurant does not have a web site simply is invisible to those customers who use the Internet to decide before going to a place.According to the two previous factors, it is of great importance to appear on the first results of the search engines. This is due to the top translates into increased traffic to a web site, which in turn means increase the popularity of the same factors that eventually turn into higher income.

These reasons, although very basic, are enough to work with other sites that make SEO, even with those that are growing that such sites to grow, also will grow to your web page. As for blogs or news sites, doing SEO is also important to enter more traffic comes to your site, the possibility that this becomes attractive for the advertising of brands related to the theme of your blog is greater.

Finally, the most important thing on a web site is the content, since for more SEO that it is and even if a web site reached the top positions in the search engines, this will be useless if the content, product or service offered within it is not useful for consumers or readers. Based on this premise, the SEO should be thinking not only on the links but the content and human beings who come to our web site.


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