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Posted: May 20, 2012 in SEO Tips
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I already have my blog ready… now what can I do? How can I start to receive visits? How can I do that my blog is popular?

To start a new blog, there are several questions that many bloggers have left unanswered, and this hinders the task of ensuring that the blog stands out and receiving a good number of visits. In fact, many bloggers think that doing a blog is a very simple task, but later discovered that it was more difficult than it appeared.

Having a blog is not simply create and upload a couple of articles, there is a big  job behind that, and in this post we are going to talk about precisely what is to be done then created our blog.

It is essential for a blog to have a creative and original design. If we are left with the typical designs for WordPress and Blogger that all users use, our blog will lose that magic that usually have good web sites. A user accessing a blog, the first thing he sees is the design and layout of the content, it is therefore highly recommended good search design that will use your blog.

To start a blog, the first articles tend not to be created with highly motivated. The main reasons are that the site does not receive the expected number of visits, and you will that these articles do not see practically no one. We can really put this as one of the main reasons why new blogs do not always have good quality content.

To avoid this, we must you have the mind-set on a target, and always believe in giving the best of ourselves. To create quality content, we can obtain great benefits. First of all, when the blog becomes popular, these articles will be read, and if your level is very low, we cannot lose what we had accomplished. In addition, content with good information and appeal, may invite other bloggers to link it from their sites, thereby increasing the possibility of improving the traffic and positioning web.

Social networks have become an endless mass of users. Every day millions of people participate in social networks, so if our blog has some visibility in this type of sites, we can get good traffic.

In our blog we can embed buttons to allow the future visitors to share content on social networks, and thus we would be automating the work of having a good social structure.

Not only that, but we can also create profiles of our blog on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. And if we get a good number of fans, would attract traffic to our site be piece of cake.

RSS feed allows visitors to subscribe to site updates, therefore, is something essential to offer the possibility to our users to subscribe to the feed of the blog. In addition, in this way can be a count of visitors who have some interest in the site, as well as fans on social networks.

There are many ways to get some “advertising” for your blog. When it just starts with a site, it is necessary to go doing some marketing techniques to begin to disseminate it and receive news.

Some techniques that can be effective are:

Leave comments on sites with topics similar to your blog.Participate in other blogs as guest editor.Send your blog to directories and sites to share content (social bookmarks, directories of articles, etc).Contact with other bloggers to exchange links.

If we need to revise our blog statistics, learn about the number of visits, or any other analytical data, Google Analytics is the great solution. We have access to a wide variety of statistics about the visitors to our blog, and we can either analyze what articles receive visits, since the keywords, etc.

For this reason, it is very important to have implemented Google Analytics on our blog, because in this way we will know what we are going well, and how we can continue to make progress.

If your site can achieve a good number of visits over time, we can begin to monetize to receive a good profit from it. There are different alternatives to earn money with a blog, amongst which there are Google Adsense, an advertising system that allows us to add a banner ads and we pay for the clicks made by visitors.

There are also many affiliate systems and other services similar to Adsense that can be very effective, it is only a matter of test well which is better suited to our site


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