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For some, may seem the story of Diablo is not important but in fact Diablo series has a very luxurious and the story adapted from the novels are very large, for the story of the “Diablo”

Briefly: There is the story in the world Sodoaa not see the light, the war does not end it, between demons and angels .. And all in the “den” angels in heaven,

And the devils in hell .. However, in fiery hell, he got there is a coup against the rulers of the three Mephisto – Bill – Diablo .. Vtm exiled out of hell .. And after 

Halhie, Aathu havoc in the land! But at one time, to Lago strongest fighters at that time fighters Albalhoradrom Cano Nada them, the war continues for

Long, including but invented Albalhoraderomoz stone can imprison the souls of the brothers inside the third and imprisonment ..!! Flo and actually Halhie Anhabst lives and brothers Mephisto

And Bill, either Diablo P away and could not escape his incarceration .. , This short story is the story of Diablo is a very brief but a very original story, the truth longer

Stages, but for the game itself, the army took control of the burning hell Sankothara on the land (which is the dark side) for a long time, but the back of a handful of heroes

To rid their land of the army of hell is burning on their own Champions Diablo 2 (twenty years ago) and now the army returned to control burning hell on earth it’s up

A handful of new heroes in Diablo 3 main aim to rid their land next to their personal goals and the eradication of Diablo!

The Barbarian

Described the Blizzard Barbary b (one man army.) And came Hallqub of the blue, Berber is Klaas very strong can destroy the army of the opponent with one blow, Featured barbaric that he charging system has inverse, ie, the more complete became barbaric stronger and Aouhh, Barbary has the power of huge movements many as possible be applied by the player, it is possible that the barbaric qualities that could become a huge monster with the push of a button makes it a non-defeat! Burberry of many weapons as possible that is the basis used by the ax also has a spear and sword and many other weapons ..

For the barbarian shield:

From left to right: the first figure is the first form which claimed the start of what you choose Klaas barbaric .. With time, each time gaining new armor, form half past two barbarian shield, while the third is the full armor barbaric and extraordinary, and to protect you in a very large.

The Monk

This depends on the category “meditation” and the spiritual powers, they kept their bodies to get out at any time to the administration of justice, the monks are a class depends on the agility and speed in a very large .. Aeetmz can be used for the monks, but all the shipping costs (Alsebret), a monk can be used more than a weapon like a sword, spear, ax, and many other weapons …. One of the main characteristics of Almonak possible sets field spiritual about him and his companion, possible born his energy and relieve pain, Almonak very strong and powerful Captcha game, repeated character secret of the first part but this is the first time figure key, Almonak fun to play too and God willing, be gone my personality in the game.

The shield:

The Witch Doctor

Juggler is the second part, but now is more weapons and Boeetmz too .. Can be few of you know Halhie the class but this is the most enjoyable character in the fighting at all and the most versatile, this category is the most bizarre they are performing strange rituals and juggling the sake of the lives of unknown territory .. Juggler is the only one of its class rebel who killed one of life .. Ways to fight Juggler very diverse, it is possible to use weather and epidemics, animals, and control minds and call the monsters underworld and even chemistry .. But all of this right, even energy implements Juggler (shipping) but it’s different here is renewed very slowly, but even using weapons of strange juggler is known and not like the sword and the ax .. Juggler always Istni to confront his enemies directly, as I mentioned earlier has a lot of ways of fighting fun for the player, such as the skill of horror to make enemies run away from it for fear, and confusion that makes the enemies are fighting each other, and the most important thing and the most important characteristics he appreciates calls for strange creatures of the underworld, such as poisonous frogs and huge monsters and exotic lives and bats Amomarham attack opponents and most power and to take charge of many quack, is to call the most powerful giant mutant monster and items are not possible to do Juggler.


The Demon Hunter

This category is the category of “Asascenih”, after he was abandoned by her family and left behind a single category sponsored by one of the daemon Hunters … Category that rely too heavily on the release of the remote, such as marksmanship and weapons described the picture above, the weapon to the picture is like a gun Ages old, a fire very quickly can be developed through Alskalz .. also daemon Hunter depends on the launch of small bombs and different kinds across Alskalz. .. Also shipping its own mutual divided into two parts, of the most important weapons hunter demons that she appreciates all of them performed a series of connecting one Halhie Abtihm, too, the only daemon Hunter relies heavily on Aturabz and tricks of the monsters, and every possible Ttoreha vary from Alskalz .. Possible to turn hunter demons Fezlam the forces of darkness, the forces of Vtaatma very, very huge and become faster and stronger and more aggressive.


The Wizard

Witch is the advanced version of the sorceress from Diablo 2, witch costume name used magic, mainly, the Witch was distinct from the class that she had more strength and skill, I began actively studying magic and took her, the magician believe exaggerated that she can rid the land of the enemies and always dream and believe in this thing, Witch has many skills, such as slowing the enemies and drop the snow from heaven, and the reproduction of copies of them to fight with, and control time and space and a whole lot Bastkhaddm magic! Energy or shipping your witch’s fast-growing and very Whenever you do Scheele emerging immediately without any delay, to choose Klaas witch you have to combine Alskalz quickly and consistently, particularly in icing enemies are the most important thing at the Witch, the Witch does not recognize the “fight each monster separately “They kill the enemies once more of the form such as landing snow, features charming as possible to build a shield from the air for a short period to recover its strength and re-fight enemies, and possible to reflect this thing and the intervention of the enemies within the circle of the air, like some of my classes the other, possible that become a dangerous enemy of the witch can fly in a simple and eliminate enemies quickly.



Claimed here mention another very important information in the form of points: –

* Specifications run the game:


Windows XP/Vista/7
Intel Pentium D 2.8 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400 + Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600 +
1 GB (1.5 GB for Vista and 7) 2 GB
12 GB of free space
NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT 256 MB or ATi Radeon X1950 Pro 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 512 MB or ATi Radeon HD 4870 512 MB
100% DirectX 9.0c compliant card
Internet connection required for activation, single player, and multiplayer

* The famous financial analyst Arvind Bhatia is expected to break the barrier Diablo III three million copy best-selling 

* The game is the second most-selling game on Amazon. (Demand needed). 

* There is no PVP developed immediately after the issuance of the game, but after a while. 

* Must be available at the net to play the game if both claimed the play Sinjil or MULTI. 

* You would have to calculate the location of Blizzard to play the game. 

* Blizzard: We promise that you will die the game .. I mean butter, the Inferno system started to die from it more than a million times, Blizzard says that beta was only part of the first Ahapetr 
Alnormel difficulty (and the easiest way to is the difficulty of the game.) 

* 3 large producers Diablo left Blizzard. 

* Blizzard was like the arrival of Diablo 3 for Consolz but declined. 

* The game took 12 years to come, but the truth 12 years to develop what were all Bdiablo 3, but because Blizzard worked fantastically with WOW, and now with the past

Recent death of the famous series WOW Blizzard decided to finally release the game after the disclosure by 2008, but guarantee you a personal guarantee from the person to experience a beta

That she is luxurious and very long. 

* Instead of Alkoibh to the owners of the weak net, Blizzard has provided another option is to bring companions with you to defend your travels for you and fight with you. 

* You can change the sex of the class when starting it, but personally I advise the male of the daemon Hunter indicated that Imo and girls from the barbaric and girls of the masculine form Almonak


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