Apple Announces iOS 6

Posted: June 12, 2012 in i Phone
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During the opening of the 2012 WWDC Keynote, for developers event organized annually by Apple, was presented to iOS 6 the next generation of the software used by the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


One of the salient features of iOS 6 is Siri. Apple says that Siri has been learning a lot in the last 8 months and the results will be in the next generation iOS. For example it has learned about sports, recommendations of restaurants, movies and theaters schedules, send tweets and he has also learned to launch apps.

Another novelty is that in addition to the iPhone 4S, Siri can be used in the new iPad. But I think the most important thing is that Siri has learned to speak in new languages, so it will be finally a useful tool for most of us. In iOS 6 Siri will also support Italian, Loreano, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Apple has also collaborated with several automobile manufacturers for something called Eyes Free, which basically is the inclusion of a button for call to Siri.


Apple also confirmed other things waiting to iOS 6, integration with Facebook in a similar way as the year past made with Twitter. Users can enter their credentials in the device settings and then share from any App. For example photos in Safari, locations from maps or Apps in the App Store. It will also integrate with the Centre of notifications.

It will also offer an API so apps for iOS developers can integrate Facebook into their own applications.

Improvements on the phone

There are some improvements in the calling app in iOS 6. E.g. to the a el recibir receive a call now on the lock screen as well as to attend to her, you can slide your finger upward to show other options. So you can respond quickly with an iMessage or SMS, or set a reminder.

Do not disturb

A new option in the settings called do not disturb prevents annoying notifications that make the screen glows to illuminate or emit a sound during the night. When activated this way notifications are received, but your iPhone you not bother turning is not making noise.

You can also configure your iPhone to be put in do not disturb mode automatically after a certain time and then at another time switch back to normal mode.

New maps

With iOS 6 Apple says goodbye to Google maps and starts to use a solution created by them. A major new feature is the inclusion of a GPS navigation system turn-to-turn and a system of notification of traffic created by automatically and anonymous users in real time.

Of course the new maps and navigation system will be integrated with Siri and they can ask you for example where there is a service station.

The maps have a display mode with three-dimensional models called Flyover with really impressive images.

Shared photo Streams

You can now share your photos automatically using the service of photos in the Cloud Photo Stream. In iOS 6 can add people with whom you want to share photos and they will receive a notification every time you take a new photo.

Improvements in Safari

In iOS 6 Safari includes several enhancements for navigation on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Among them are the tabs iCloud, which allows you to continue using the tabs you have open in one device into one of your devices. Also Safari now saves web pages – and not only links – in your reading list, allowing to read your marked articles even when you have no connection.

Another important novelty is that now when you want to send a photo or video to eBay, ads, or other sites, you can choose a photo of the scroll or use the camera to take one, without having to leave Safari.


Passbook is a new app that will be part of iOS 6 and that allows users to organize all their boarding passes, tickets for movies, discount coupons, loyalty cards, and more in one place within your device. The passes appear at the appropriate time on the lock screen of your iPhone or iPod touch using the time or location.


iOS 6 will be available in the form of Beta for developers that are part of the Apple developers from today programme, and will be released this autumn (Northern Hemisphere).

iOS 6 will be compatible with the iPhone 3 G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 4th generation and the second and third generation iPad.


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