Bags Incase leather for iPhone

Posted: June 12, 2012 in i Phone
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Incase currently offers two leather holsters designed for the iPhone: the Leather Snap Case and the Leather Clutch Snapshot. Both models are made in genuine leather and intended as an elegant way of keeping the iPhone protected.

The first of these models is a bag that is placed to pressure and combines an exterior of leather with a rigid body. The leather has been dyed and is available in two colors, black and toasted. For its part the Snapshot Leather Clutch is a sleeve type book that protects the iPhone in its entirety. This Holster design is based on the envelopes at night which is evident in the wrist strap. Inside the cover has four pockets for cards of credit or identity and a space to take notes. Another advantage of this model is that it is not necessary to remove the iPhone from the cover to take a picture because it can desliar up to clear the camera’s lens.

Leather Snap Case and the Leather Clutch Snapshot of Incase are now available on the signature page and BestBuy for u$ 49.95 s and u$ 59.95 s respectively.


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