Summary of the EA for the exhibition E3 2012

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Games

Ended moments ago the company’s press gallery EA E3 2012, where the game during the conference reviewed the tenth of ten different games developers. Here you’ll find a complete summary of the conference.

Beginning of the conference began the company with enthusiastic demo and review of the game Dead Space 3. Alco developed – up snow and the environment are the most important new additions to the game while it was announced the launch date of the third game of the month of February of the three major platforms.

  • Then moved the company to talk about the game of Madden 13 and the new changes in the game of physical and social duties and the new things in the game.
  • Then reviewed the company’s Facebook game known as Sim City and properties located in the game and announced the launch date of the game in February of next year.
  • Destination DICE EA following the company and review of premium service for the game Battlefield 3 and the announcement of their characteristics and the full launch of the offer leaked before addition to the announcement of the price of the service is $ 45.
  • BioWare now ascend the podium to talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic and the additional content coming new addition to the announcement of making the game free of charge until the fifth level ten.
  • Danger Close studio now at the podium to review the game’s story mode correction Medal of Honor: Warfighter addition to offering a special phase of multiple players of the game. Launch date of the game as defined in the October 26.
  • FIFA 13 EA is now the talk with the announcement of the new social features of the game and the new additions to the game with the launch of the official cover of the game and the star player Messi and preview of the game.
  • UFC is the latest company announcements and talk about the EA game, but without showing a real display of the game or officially announced.
  • Demo Need for Speed: Most Wanted was the next to the company and talk about the advantages now to where the game as well as the launch date of the game in the thirtieth of October.
  • Parades last company was EA demo story mode your game of correction Crysis 3 with the announcement of its launch date in February next home appliance and PC.

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