Best tips to protect computer center

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Security, Technology
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Regulation of Center of computation:• maintain an attitude of respect towards other users and to all staff of the campus. • Computer equipment should be used as a tool of work supporting academic. • the allowed users are students of the campus.

The computer center personnel have right to remove who not this work. • the behavior of all users must be governed by principles of morals and good customs. • staff service Fellows has responsibility do and respect the rules of procedure, facilitate the use of the equipment and that it is in optimal conditions.• Prohibited for users:or introduce food, beverages or smoking in the computer center


or use recorders, radios or sound equipment without hearing aids in the areas of servicing or use the computer equipment with no academic applications, as well as to develop programmes or projects outside the academic interests of the institution. or removing computer equipment or its parts of the Center for computation and common areas


or copy software whose license to use prohibited. or use equipment for accessing local or remote computers to which the user does not have explicit authorization or use attempting to violate the security of acceso.o the use of pornographic material in the instalaciones.o violate the security of the computer using a different user name to their own or an exclusive account of the computer science Department. or install software without authorization from the service staff . intentionally introduce computer viruses through any (diskettes, CD-ROM, usb) storage deviceor equipment (cables, power, network, interfaces, etc) or scratch or place legends (tags) in equipment.

• handsets of the area offices are for the exclusive use of the staff of the Foundation. For no reason will be provided. • the institution is not responsible for items lost within the premises of service. • given the nature of this regulation, its knowledge and observation are binding on all users of the computer equipment. Their ignorance could never be invoked as an excuse to avoid sanctions corresponding. • the computer hardware have general parcel (Windows Xp, Office 2003 and XP, Winzip, Acrobat

• space of this Centre is designed so that the user makes their activities individually in a team of computer. • allow several people computer provided in the case of a team work and does not interfere with the proper functioning of the center of computation. • all) user to abandon the team in one 15 minutes longer, lose the right to use if required by another user and there is no equipment available.

• in the computer Center may only remain registered in the entry book and users who have the tab for the allocation of the equipment. • the user cannot change of equipment without having notified to the staff of the Centre for computation. • is the responsibility of the student have the necessary knowledge for the use of the software and equipment at its disposal. •

normal the computer center hours may vary depending on the hours that touch the classes. • is the duty of users report the failures that have machines to the staff at the time detect them, because if you do not they will be responsible for the same. • warrants suspension of service if at the time of downloading files from floppy disks, cds, usb, e-mail or instant messaging, they come contaminated and

not notice the parala prompt review of the records center staff and team of computation. § consider faults type I which disturb the discipline of the working area, e.g. use recorders in the servicio.§ area are considered faults type II to those who jeopardize the integrity of the equipmente.g. scratch the equipos.§ are considered faults type III who generate a misuse of the equipment, for example the use for purposes not academics. § are considered faults type IV to those that harm to third parties, e.g. those who cause damage reversible or irreversible teams, either in hardware or in software.

• Depending on the type of lack user will be awarded a penalty which may consist of:§ report to the authorities of the institution. § Prohibition of access to the computer Center (from 1 week to 1 month). § definitive expulsion of the center of computation. § report to the authorities of the institution. § Prohibition of access to the computer Center (from 1 week to 1 month). § definitive expulsion of the center of computation.

• all conflict in the computer center or with the staff It should be registered, although it warrants no punishment in case of obtaining three reports, apply a sanction according to reports above. • situations not covered by the regulation will be resolved, in the first instance by the person in charge of the computer center. In the event that a problem is not resolved in the computer center, you will be notified to the authorities of the institution.

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