Why Anroid market rapidly increase ??

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Android
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Try to see to find some good reasons.

1. The paradigm of mobile telephony has changed

In a time not so long ago as that, but that too many people tend to forget, an age before the iOS and Android, an age when the Symbian OS and other owners reigned as master, it was an age when made days of OS were quite exceptional. What makes that there was no real rule established, no “best practice” and even less real experience.

Moreover, who would have thought that would claim as their customers SHIFT? Who knew that customers would ask for the OS version before you buy? The vision of old mobile phone is no longer, you can not only boast more technical features (remember: Bluetooth, MP3 player, FM, free hand, …). The modern mobile phone is now the hardware AND the software.

Android, the implementation of the system was MAJ delicate. Certainly there are other actors in the chain (discussed later), but we can assume a lack of vision, coordination and an underestimation of the impact of SHIFT, the part of the OHA.

2. Builders are there to sell

A builder ca manufactures and sells phones. Its results are judged primarily on the number of units sold. No need to be a genius to understand their interest: you change mobile as possible. “You want the latest version of OS? Buy our new mobile “. Let’s be honest, I caused a bit. Nothing is as simple, there are hidden issues:

Predicting the future: when designing a mobile manufacturer thinks in range (low, medium, high-end classic – you can have fun in search of others, such as geographic areas, for example). This is a very complex exercise, which takes into account many parameters markets, social, financial, legal, technological and other. But you said that this will impact the characteristics of the phone. If in addition, the poor builder must try to anticipate whether mobile will work in future versions, including lines of code are not even written yet, this is too much for him. The only way that remains is to wait for delivery of the new version and test. Here we reach the next point.

Cost management: once in the mobile market should bring in money. The manufacturer seeks to maximize return on its investment and its margin. Management updates, these are additional costs.As the manufacturer is hard to predict the functioning of a new OS version, it should test it before making it available, to avoid bugs too critical. Meaning it must assign engineers to a project to compile the new version for each of its mobile and all testing. Project that may take several weeks, so it’s an effort and a significant cost for the manufacturer. It therefore seems obvious that making choices before testing, it can not re-test its entire range. And those choices, mind you, will not necessarily be based on your tastes, or even hardware or technical capacity (they must figure of those dear gentlemen). You can cry foul all you want …

3. The operators control costs

Suppose the manufacturer has finally made a build for a terminal said. He then made available operators. What holds it not to deliver to its customers? The same problem that costs the manufacturer. All phones are what they are pre-tested by the operator. It ensures that the phone works fine on its network, performs well the requested parameters, etc. …

Necessarily soon as a new version is available, the operator plunges back in full tests, which like the constructor cost him time and money. It will not necessarily, depending on the interests and strategy as only he knows!

Then there are the unexpected, a updates a build which comes with a critical bug. The operator can start the update and the manufacturer is not correct. It’s live! Finally, these updates must be “certified” before being deployed by the various agencies and partners (NFC, WiFi, 3G, etc..).

It is therefore of the view, without being exhaustive, there are several reasons a commendable industrial point of view, but an aberrant view customer for a phone model is not updated. 

Now that everyone has more perspective and is well aware that the updates are a differentiating business issues and (above all), we can have hope for the future.

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