The best Blog platform blogger to earn money

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Blog Tricks, SEO Tips
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One of the ways more interesting to actually make money online is to start a blog.

If you want to start creating your blog, cannot doubt before a variety of blog platform options.

However, you should know that it is very important not to carry his election on a platform of blog, despite all their efforts, to report anything interesting.

Later in this article, it will be made you save time by you revealing the best platforms of two that are useful to generate money.

But let me give you my simple definition of what is a blog platform.

What is a Blog platform?

A blog platform is a software that is able to transform their writing on a website can be easily navigable and visited by users from around the world.

Despite the number of blog platforms that exist in the network, there are only two base options which should take into account when it comes to success in blogging.

I’m talking about: WordPress and Blogger.

These two platforms have each advantages and disadvantages.

And before making a decision, you must read carefully the advantages and disadvantages of each of these platforms to choose one, it should be.

Blogger offers several advantages.

It is very easy to use for novice bloggers. You have nothing to install. Within 15 minutes, you can create your blog. It is enough to follow some instructions. It is also completely free to use and free.

You can easily post their messages or change the look of your blog to get a professional-looking.

The biggest advantage of Blogger is that it belongs to GOOGLE  the leader of search engines.

They are quickly therefore, indexed by robots of team, from the creation and publication of your blog

Inconvenient greetings, almost all have now been updated.

Its main fault, others consider advantage is that all files and content that you post are hosted on the server.

This means that it is not really the owner of your blog.

WordPress is a free and popular blog as a Blogger platform.

To customize your WordPress blog, it does not condemn to worry. There are a multitude of themes that can be found on the net, not to mention the PlugIns that allow to increase the functionality of your WordPress blog.

But you should know that WordPress is not without problems.

It is not as easy as a Blogger, which can intimidate beginners.

It will also have to go to get your domain name and a hosting for file server, prior to its use.

You know what platform used to create a blog that makes money.

Despite the disadvantages of these two platforms, the majority of professional bloggers is its your choice on WordPress.

All simply because they prefer to be in possession of all their files to modify the contents in the future, as its appearance.


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