How to chose proper mobile internet plan?

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Online Business, Reivews
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Packages with mobile Internet

The mobile operators now offer a wide range of mobile packages with Internet and it is not always easy to choose the one suited to its needs.

Mobile plans with unlimited Internet have virtually disappeared. Now, most mobile operators restrict Internet connections to a volume data set. Beyond this volume data, your speed may be lower until the next billing date (web access is so much slower) or your consumption data may be charged in off-plan. In some cases, access the Internet from your cell phone can even be blocked (with the possibility for some mobile operators to buy refills).

The maximum volume data vary from one mobile package to another, generally ranging from 50 MB to 3 GB per month. Each mobile package thus allows different uses, depending on how many MB / GB included, and this volume data is an important criterion when choosing a mobile plan with the Internet but still need to know what these volumes …

What do the MB / GB mobile included in my package?
The megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB) included in your mobile plan correspond to the volume of Internet data you consume every month. Each web page you visited, every email sent or received and every application is downloaded to a number of MB

The mobile package for your needs depends on how you use the mobile Internet. Here are some examples that should help you define your needs:

– Surf the web or use an application connected to the Internet for 1 hour is 10 or 15 MB of data
– Send check or a hundred e-mails without attachments from your mobile phone is about 1 MB
– Send or receive a picture is about 1 MB
– Watch TV on your cell phone or listen to music streamed over 3G for 1 hour is approximately 100 MB
– Download video MPEG4 of 5 minutes is about 40 MB
– Chat for 1 hour, instant messaging is about 2 MB
This information is provided for information only, and we must keep in mind that the volume varies with the size of files.

How to choose a mobile plan according to its uses?
If you use the mobile Internet regularly to surf the web and check e-mails, better to go on a mobile plan that includes a data volume between 250 MB and 500 MB per month. If however, you watch videos and download a lot from your mobile phone, it is necessary to take a package including mobile e at least 750 MB of data volume.

Also remember to check what happens beyond this volume of data: the Internet connection is cut or clamped it? Consumption data are they charged off-plan? In the latter case, be careful that they are properly credited to Kilobyte (KB) and not in steps of x KB

Last advice to avoid unpleasant surprises at month end: choose the WiFi when possible (home, office …), especially when you download applications. Indeed, it is unnecessary to use the data volume included in your mobile plan when you can connect to free WiFi!

You can also choose the package with no obligation Modulo : 100 MB to 750 MB, it adjusts to your consumption!

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