Google promise to improve online safty

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Google, News, Online Business, Security, Uncategorized
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Google has commemorated the fifth anniversary of his plans to improve online safety for users. The company explained that in that time have improved warning system in different browsers and have managed to fight the infected sites, malware attacks and phishing. Google data confirm that the five years of its initiative to have given much.

In 2007 Google created a team that aimed to develop systems that would allow for safer navigation on the Internet. This team has worked to make major browsers, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, they received warnings of threats. Google has said that in that time have worked “to accommodate the growing challenge them and to build an infrastructure that automatically detects harmful content.”

According to company data, through the efforts of the past five years have failed to protect 600 million users who use Chrome Firefox or Safari. Google explained that every day 9,500 identifies malicious Internet sites, illustrating the growing problem of infected or malicious pages.

The prevention system Google has grown and now, every day, Google warns on between 12 and 14 million searches for the requested page can be dangerous. This is an important part in the Google search system, which gives an idea of commitment to prevention that keeps the company.

In addition to these actions, Google warns of malware detection 300,000 downloads each day in Chrome, where users have a system for extra protection.

Google’s commitment is not just with users but also extends to the responsible web. The company conducts thousands of daily notifications to alert the webmaster of irregularities in its pages. Similarly, also sent thousands of notices to ISPs to help their networks are free of malware.


In its commitment to safety, Google explained that its main objectives have been fighting the threats of phishing and malware. In two cases the levels have increased, so the risks are greater.

In the case of threats from phishing, Google explained that maintains a constant battle to fight against its main features, among which are that more fraud occurs faster and diverse, which makes you have to be increased efforts to identify and counteract them.

As for the ‘malware’, explained that Google has focused on two different modes. The first has to do with legal pages infected with malware. In these cases, the company has alerted the webmaster for the elimination of malicious system. The second variation pages are built with the purpose of distributing malware. In such cases, Google has struggled for disposal.

Looking ahead, Google has said it expects continued growth in online protection. This has ensured that the company hopes to have the support of all Internet users. In this sense, Google has asked users not to ignore their warnings of malware that warn of compromised sites and webmasters link their pages with Google Webmaster Tools

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