How to protect your facebook account

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Fece Book, Security
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Mark Zuckerberg’s company has the means to protect themselves, but the group of hackers has proved it can go very far. Those who fear that social networking can fall – or those who want to prevent account theft – can download all your data with a couple of ‘clicks’. This is a very visible and accessible option but little known.

To perform data downloading a file, the user must refer to the button ‘Account’ located in the upper right corner of Facebook. It then opens a menu where you must select ‘Account Settings’. The default display shows the menu ‘General’, in which you can edit the user name, password, language and networks and the related accounts and email address.

Under this menu option ‘Download a copy’, directed to another window which explains in detail this role. Facebook says that the file contains any user who has photo and video sharing social network and publications in the Wall, friends list, messages and chat conversations. The photos of friends, status updates and comments the user has posted in other accounts are excluded from the data download.

The window adds a warning message, which encourages the user to protect your private information. “Your Facebook file includes important personal information. Keep this in mind before you send or upload the file somewhere else,” he explains.

Once the user clicks ‘click’ on the button ‘Download’, the message ‘Pending …’ while Facebook creates a file with all data.
A couple of hours

After waiting a while (this may take a couple of hours, but the resulting file will only take 30 photos and occupies 5 MB), Facebook sends an email to the user. This is a link that redirects to a window where the user must enter their password to proceed to download the file. “To protect your information, we will ask you to confirm your password regress this is your account,” says the social network.

After confirming the identity generates a window that allows you to download a ZIP file, which is compressed all the above information. The photos are contained in JPEG and other documents (Wall, messages, friends list …) are HTML files that address to an external server. Now the user can do whatever he deems necessary to safeguard the folder.

Appear in this file photo of other contacts if the user has been tagged. Nor is any other contact information nor any comment that was made over the internet while you used Facebook.

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