Preview iOS 6 certainly can not be called a revolution. After the death of Steve Jobs, many thought that Apple would not be the one that used to be. And now, looking at a list of changes in the new version of the operating system for handheld devices, the company inevitably catch yourself thinking, is it not a harbinger of future extinction. One could say, year after year, they say, the Apple lick iOS, adding new basic functions of a teaspoon, but these “year after year” lasts almost as five years. Major changes in the latest version focused primarily visual component, the center of the notification is useful, he will use all the time, but I can not say that this is the height of logic, precision and beauty – in most cases, this only makes the center of the turmoil.

In iOS 6 there is no breakthrough, not only those who use compromised devices have long been able to see some of the features. No matter how it was strange, but for me the biggest plus of the new version – that when you install the application does not close AppStore. If you do not use AppStore, you know, and sometimes present in iOS frank delirium. You have selected a program from the list, clicked “Install”, the shop is minimized, and you again have to open the AppStore, go to the desired position to look beyond the program. So it was for years, but now we have overcome so well! Let’s see what will happen in the sixth version of this that has not been hitherto, and how to live with it.

Siri now supports more languages, for example, that French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese and Cantonese. The system is optimized for use in fifteen countries. Siri is now on the iPad, the application looks nice, not like the iPhone. You can dictate the positions at Facebook, Twitter and do all sorts of other useful things, but I’m more interesting interaction with the car manufacturers, for Siri adds a button on the steering wheel, in the case has already been drawn by many manufacturers.

Still, Apple agreed to install the Facebook application in devices with iOS, which is good for all users of social networking, right in the settings can be set to log data, publish status of the notification center, Siri, will be connected with Facebook and a number of basic programs, photos, the browser, plus you can put content, like in the AppStore, which will be reflected in the film. I do not think that in this light, the rumors of a detached Facebook phone can be considered a reality – why companies do it, if there is such a friendship with Apple.

This program will make obsolete many existing simple tools in the AppStore for storage permits, as it has just such a functional. Here everything is very interesting on the screen visible QR-codes can be scanned at the airport or other place where they are used. Here’s the official information:

“The new application Passbook – this is the easiest way to gather all your badges in a single location, such as boarding passes and tickets to baseball. Passbook allows you to scan your iPhone or iPod touch to use a coupon, pass to a concert or recording in your hotel. Passbook will automatically display your badge on the lock screen, based on a specific time or place, so that when you go to your favorite coffee shop, your card is a regular customer appears on the screen, and you can scan it for the purchase of coffee or check your balance. Passbook can even warn you at the last minute to change the numbers at the gate or flight delays at the airport. ”

Recently I often use this feature, because some close friends have left for the world and FaceTime enables more convenient to communicate with each other – that I never thought that so get used to the program. The main change in iOS 6 – is the support for calls to cellular networks, in isolation from the Wi-Fi. Of course, if speed allows.

“Do not disturb”
The new mode, which allows the call and turn off the sound alerts for a certain time, the installation is configured, the next time at the top of the display of an icon (the crescent). You can prevent calls from selected contacts, wise, and the system can skip the second call from the same number if you enable this setting in the menu – obviously because someone does something to you strongly want nazvanivaet four times in the morning.

Reply with SMS and a reminder
Another important thing that has long been known for many users of other devices – a response to the call message. Changed the menu, “dialers”, then there are two points, or respond with a message to recall later. In the first case, you can quickly send SMS such as “call you back later” (can create their own). In the second case, choose a time to recall the “repelled” a call – and this can be a time (ie, one hour) and when you leave a place where you are, or to get home. It’s convenient, I always forget to call back.

Particularly the changes are not relevant, the whole vector graphics is good to show off to friends, but when you’re constantly on the move the car, it would be better to have on hand fast and stable solution with an accurate map. Here, except for three-dimensional street, there was a navigation Turn-by-turn, continues to show traffic jams. Improvements in iOS 5 cards I personally until satisfied, well, at least offers a couple of routes, but would be better to distinguish on which side of the road car. Hopefully, in iOS 6 cards will be even faster, do not dream about something else.

Mail in a number of innovations – VIP is a mailbox for important messages (from the important people), insert the letter in the photographs and videos become faster, to get mail, you need to pull down the mailboxes. I’m used to how the mail looks like now, although at first all this did not take seriously a dump – a letter with three boxes in one tape nightmare. Now I can not imagine how you can differently.

Shared Photo Streams
You use this function as a “photostream”. In practice, it may be useful. On hearing the story, the woman lost her iPhone, and then began to see the pictures on other devices, has found what he was doing. Strange people, do not have to even look at the settings. In general, you can now easily share photos with other devices to send “photostream” to friends, share comments (at Apple is fun is called Add your two cents), if the same people to whom you send the flow, do not use the technique of Apple, you can see the flow in the network.

Changes in Safari
Promise to optimize performance and greater, there was surfing websites, photos from the web in full screen mode, support for reading the list offline, close bond with iCloud – in general, nothing much new in iOS browser is very good.

Guided Access
Hands and itching to write about protection from shkoloty – yes, this very well close the Access allows many features of the device with iOS playful pen. For example, start a book or a game, turn off the buttons – play, the child, but do not go where you do not ask. I dwell on this point in more detail when I get access to iOS6, I think, among many parents and readers know this is very helpful.

Where he works
As always, iOS 6 is a free upgrade for the whole family of devices Apple, in the list: iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, the new iPad, iPad 2 and iPod touch (fourth generation). It will happen in the autumn, the exact dates are not reported. It seems that simultaneously with the beginning of iPhone sales 5. We’ll wait, I’m personally glad that the company did not throw off the old man, even iPhone 3Gs.

Versions for the iPhone and the iPad will be slightly different, as always. Probably, some non-obvious things, changes in pop-up is when a final version of iOS 6, now if you want you can put an option for developers. Some icons are changed, added wallpaper, the interface has changed the store – as they say colleagues, not for the better. Licking continues at Apple, apparently more concerned with quality rather than quantity of new chips – that the whole family got a huge update in time, so that users did not break my head, as updated, so that even the owners of iPhone 3Gs do not feel offended.  Now have to wait for the announcement of the autumn and the new iPhone 5 players iPod.

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