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iPad Review

At this moment there are already thousands of iPads sold in the United States. Now there are even companies engaged in importing the popular tablet.

One such company is iPhone Service Point . The company this week the first iPads sent to customers, and we have this week I received the iPad iPhone Service Point: time for an iPad review!

After several days the iPad extensively used to have, we can form an opinion about the device. This we like to share with you through this review of the iPad:

  • First impression of the iPad
  • iPhone homescreen
  • Touchscreen of the iPhone
  • Long text typing with the iPhone
  • Mail, calendar and contacts management on the iPad
  • iBooks on the iPad
  • iPad applications
  • iTunes on the iPhone
  • Other features on the iPhone
  • Assessment and conclusion on the iPhone

First impression of the iPad

The iPad is after the open of the box immediately. It is a well-designed device with a remarkably big screen. The iPad is very smart by Apple, and the back is a big logo. (Picture box, iPad, and other content box)

The tablet is as good in the hand, but feels a bit heavy after prolonged use. It is also better for the iPad to rest on your knee if you long to work out. It is still a bit of searching how you can sit comfortably on the couch with the iPhone in the hand without eventually tiring.

iPhone homescreen

If you use the iPhone for the first time, you will notice that the device is very fast startup. This reflects well the speed of the device, because everything on the iPad works quickly.

If you unlock the iPhone comes out springboard. If you’re used to working on an iPhone, you will have to get used to the menu of the iPhone. All icons is a lot farther apart at the iPad. Also runs the springboard with you as you rotate the iPhone. This know current iPhone users still do not.

The touchscreen of the iPhone

The iPad is just like the iPhone and the iPod Touch from a number of small buttons and a touchscreen. The touchscreen of the iPhone is about as big  as the screens of six iPhones. The resolution of the screen is 1024 × 768 pixels. These pixels are processed in a 9.7-inch screen.

You immediately notice that the screen like the iPhone, very sensitive. Each contact is pointed out by the device. The multi-touch technology Apple applications can work simultaneously with more than touch on the huge screen. This allows developers complex (multiplayer) games for the iPhone without having to deal with limitations.

The reaction of the screen is very high – and the iPad reacts emotionally much faster than the iPhone.

Long text typing with the iPhone

The big ‘loss’ of the iPhone critics say the lack of a physical keyboard. Also the iPhone is no physical keyboard present, but this bothers less severe. The keyboard on the iPhone is that, in landscape mode, almost as large as the keyboard of a laptop. You can easily type with ten fingers.You just do not feel that you hit the keys, but here you get used to within an hour. It is therefore possible to type long texts on the iPad.

If you are the keyboard of the iPhone do not like working there is not a man overboard. If you have a bluetooth keyboard in your home, you can very easily link this fact with the iPad.

If you have two devices connected, you can even use keyboard shortcuts like “CMD + a ‘,’ CMD + c ‘,’ CMD + x ‘and’ cmd + v ‘. This ensures that you can handle even better texts on the tablet from Apple.

Mail, calendar and contacts management on the iPad

The applications that are preloaded on the iPad present work very pleasant. Within a few seconds you have the email accounts on your iPhone set. In landscape mode you will have a very extensive mail program in your hands. Left in the picture you see when you e-mails are you received. If you get a tap on it to see to the right of the screen.

If you e-mail fullscreen want to read you can rotate the iPhone a stroke. The list of emails that you received and then disappears temporarily. This leaves only the selected e-mail on the screen so you can quietly read.

The contacts and calendar are very well designed by Apple. If you open one of these applications you will see that it looks like an open book is beaten. In this book you can find a lot of information.For example, you see the contacts number, address, website and e-mail address of a contact that you have selected.

The agenda can go through the book very easy day, week or month continue browsing on certain buttons tapping. All of this should go without saying, because it comes naturally once you’re doing.

iBooks on the iPad

An important feature of the iPhone is of course iBooks. iBooks are digital books on the iPad and iPhone you can read. At present, the application iBooks only download from the U.S. App Store, and so we have this with our U.S. iTunes account downloaded.

If your application for the first time, you will see that there already exists a book in your bookcase.This is a book about Winnie the Pooh. This free book you get when downloading the application. If you want to buy more books can use the ‘Store’ menu.

Here you will find thousands of books to buy. There are also a lot of free books. These are usually not a bad book, because among other things, ‘The Bible’, ‘The Odyssey’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland “are free to download.

Reading books on the iPad feels very natural, but is sometimes a bit tiring on the eyes. The screen of the iPhone is in fact not as quiet as the screen, for example, the Kindle. Apple has chosen consciously, so you can not just read books on the iPad. If Apple would have chosen for the screen of the Kindle, for example, would you not beautiful games like “Need For Speed ‘to play.

iPhone Applications

At this moment there are already about 3500 iPhone applications available in the App Store. You may also like iPad iPhone users download applications, and then increase, but I’m personally not a fan of.

The applications for the iPhone is not optimized for large screen of the iPhone. Here developers can do much with. If your iPhone applications increases, you notice that the quality of the application deteriorates. You suddenly see the pixels of small texts for example.

The iPad applications are however great. Some applications that fetch everything from the iPad include Elements and iMBD. If you have tried these applications on an iPhone you know immediately that there are many more possible applications. The screen is optimized by the developers. With lots of pictures and moving images on the screen to show, you always have something to watch. The American channel ‘ABC’ shows a large part of its popular seriers on the iPad via the ‘ABC Player’ application (see below).

Interestingly, the iPad developers like being in a lot of footage iPad application process. In the future this will probably happen, because different magazines will also come with applications this year – including a large number of titles of the Dutch Sanoma.

iTunes on the iPhone

On the iPhone you can directly buy CDs and singles from the iTunes application. The iTunes Store comes up well on the big screen of the iPhone. Through the application iTunes, you can extend the CDs, reviews and album art. You can also listen to 30 seconds of each song to better understand whether you like the song.

Also on the iPhone you can instantly download songs and CDs from iTunes. On the screen of the iPhone, the iTunes Store, however, less to his right. The music is very small because the iPhone display. For every step you want to make in the shop, you need a screen tap. Here on the iPad not bother.

iTunes on the iPhone is very extensive. Several Genius possibilities offered including “Mixing Genius”. Your music collection is then iTunes automatically divided into a number of genres of songs that go great together. This function works very well and allows for the iPad is also great for home entertainment system to use (just connect to your stereo).

Other features on the iPhone

By default, here are more applications available on the iPad. Think of Google Maps. These maps application looks very nice on the iPad. By the map bottom right upwards you get some options. The animation that you see when you open the Options pull is nice. In the options you may choose to choose how you want to view the map: Classic, satellite, hybrid and terrain.

Another application that is standard on the iPad is present, ‘Notes’. This application know iPhone users at this time also all This application is much wider than at the IPAD on the iPhone. The large screen of the iPhone you can lose much more information. In landscape mode you can see all notes left, right and your notepad that you’ve tapped.

Photos on the iPad is also very beautiful. The iPad is ideal for your holiday photographs, for example to show to friends and family. The slide shows that can make the iPhone look very impressive with the different animations. If you’re using iPhoto on your Mac, you can even features Faces and Places as used on the iPad.

iPhone Review and Conclusion

The iPad (type Wi-Fi 16GB), we have over a week to feel the tooth and the first impression of this is very good. The iPad is a solid device, has a great look, very versatile and very fast. In short, the iPhone offers very good value for money.

The internet browsing experience and speed of the iPhone is totally top – the Macbook Pro here can not even compete. The capabilities of the iPhone are endless, it is a simple device that you can take. The iPhone 3G (which is coming) is even more versatile for traveling since you therefore always and everywhere have access to the Internet. The iPad with WiFi support has a significant limitation in this area.

The iPad resembles a large iPod Touch. It is to our mind is not a full replacement for the laptop,the lack of a physical keyboard is still a limitation if you want to use the device frequently for word processing / mailing. The iPad is positioned between the iPod Touch / iPhone and Macbook. The unit currently competes most directly with a netbook. Whether this will fill a real need to be seen.

The iPad is very easy to use and has no manual (required). This is the iPad also excellent for use by children and the elderly. The iPad has an extremely powerful battery you can over 10 hours in advance. A limitation of the iPhone is that it is no USB port, camera and GPS. Also the screen of the iPhone is very sensitive spot, you will need cleaning with any regularity.

The iPhone excels in versatility – the successes of many Apple products come back in one device.The applications on the iPhone be available already give a fair picture of what is to come: there are boundaries! Many publishers bring (rich) content to the iPhone and put the first steps towards a new business model – we feel there is still much to be done in this area.

Multitasking on the iPhone (yet) possible. Sometimes this works retardant since the iPad each program closes before another can be opened. Hopefully, Apple on this soon.

In late May, the iPad is expected to be available in some European countries (the Netherlands will follow later). Currently you can import the iPhone itself or from the U.S. and iPad purchase through a number of Dutch parties. iPhone Service Point offers the 16GB version for 799 euros – the iPhone is expected to soon be available at more parties.



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