The risk that runs your mental health if you follow ‘glued’ to the mobile phone

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Phone
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Some can not live without your mobile phone. You just have to see how certain individuals are capable of cutting a conversation in person to meet a WhatsApp or those others that they need to constantly update your profile on social networks.

But abusing the mobile can take its toll to your mental health. So says a study by the University of Gothenburg, in Sweden.

Increased risk of problems with sleep, stress and depressive symptoms, this is what you face if you are not able to go to the bathroom without the phone.

“Health authorities should include information on the healthy use of this technology,” warns researcher Sara Thomee, co-author of four different studies about the use of computers and mobile phones how affects the mental health of young people.

After interviewing more than 4,100 people between 20 and 24 years and 32 engaged youth to information technologies, they came to the conclusion that mobile abuse relates to an increase in problems to sleep in men and an increase in depressive symptoms in both sexes.

The computer is not saved. The custom of going regularly to bed with him not only relates to disorders in the dream but also with signs of depression and stress.

If you are also just as addicted to mobile to the computer, the risk is even greater.

«Health authorities should make recommendations in this regard, as the importance of making breaks, take time to recover after intensive use of these devices and put limits on your availability “.

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