Microsoft presents its ‘Surface’ Tablet by surprise

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Laptop, microsoft
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The tablet will operate with the system Windows 8, announced the company during an event in Los Angeles that had been kept secret until the last moment.

The Chief Executive of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, presented the Tablet, which is a 10.6-inch screen and weighs only 175 grams.


676 grams of weight in the ARM version and almost 1 Kg in the Intel.Pantalla of 10.6 inches FullHD (in the Pro version) with 16: 9 aspect ARM processor from nVidia with USB 2.0 and one with Intel Core (x 86), at the moment confirmed version with USB 3.0 and i5. ARM version will come in 32 and 64 Gb priced “similar to other similar tablets ARM”.X 86 (Pro) with 64 and 128 Gb with price comparable to ultrabooks.Magnesium housing VaporMg, which gives very good rigidez.9.3mm of thickness in the release ARM, 13.5mm version Pro.Stand integrated into the same thickness 0.7mm.c.a tablet (kickstand).Gorilla Glass.Soporte for Office and digital ink with stylus, sampled at 600 dpi.

Already enabled, the page of the tablet as well as a comparison between Surface with Windows RT and X 86, a video presentation and the full video of the event.


“Surface”, with a thickness of 9.3 mm, equipped with USB 2.0 and a magnesium housing called “Steam Mg”.

In addition, as shown on your website can add you a keyboard material flexible, available in five bright colors, for those who prefer the conventional, rather than digitally write on the screen keyboard.

Microsoft had yesterday summoned the media for a “special event” on an unspecified matter.

Publications specializing in technology such as CNET and Mashable had speculated that it might be the Tablet and believed that the announcement would occur after the closing markets.

The announcement precedes the so-called Summit Microsoft Windows Phone in San Francisco, where it is expected that the company will present the next version of its operating system Windows Phone OS in two days.


Firstly, it is not clear how Microsoft partners to this foray into the world of the ‘hardware’ will react.

Steve Ballmer, during the presentation of the product, made a strong emphasis that the company is no novice in the world of physical devices and which has manufactured from mice to the Xbox video game console.

What did not say is that you it’s the first time that one of these products directly attacks the waterline of its partners, the companies that manufacture computers and who are striving for the launch of Windows 8.

Many analysts have pointed out that with this move Microsoft can do an exercise in integration ‘software’ that was only within the reach of Apple (or Google) after the purchase of Motorola.

The problem is that companies such as HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, or Samsung are not that lucky. They will have to continue to pay licenses to Microsoft to manufacture products which, at least for what he saw this 18 June 2012, seem to have been eclipsed by the brilliance of the new ‘gadget’ of Microsoft and obsolete.

In addition, Internet is already populated by articles that talk about how Windows attempts to compete with the iPad, it is that so much emphasis been placed on productivity that would not be surprising for Surface finish stealing many more customers to the manufacturers of computers to the iPad.

The challenge is that technology journalists who attend presentations by Microsoft within a time carry a Surface and not the plethora of MacBook Air from Apple that has become common at these events.

Another company that has reason to feel aggrieved is Nokia. The Finnish manufacturer put all the eggs in the basket of Microsoft to bet for Windows Phone and not for Android as its new operating system for smart phones, and still has not picked up just fruits of this bet, even technologically high-quality devices.

That Microsoft has not responded to this trust giving Nokia a paper, any paper, at the launch of Surface, is strange.

There is also the question of the price and the release date. The Redmond giant was limited to say it will offer “competitive” price, which is the same as saying nothing. It is not the same Surface sell for 300 euros that per 1,000.

It is true that it has presented two different versions of the product, a more like a tablet like the iPad and which is presumed a smaller price, and another with Intel processor which should be able to replace a laptop and to probably cost much more.

If Microsoft puts prices through the roof, it subtracted all the allure to your product and will be as one futile attempt of the company put on shirts of eleven staff unsuccessfully.

If you launch too cheap products, could further turn the wrath of a few partners who do not have too many reasons to be pleased. The balance will be a considerable challenge.

Thirdly, are doubts about the ‘software’ and the ecosystem. In reality, we still don’t know if the operating system will be what promises and doubts are the basics.

As for apps, the presentation of Netflix is interesting, but there are still doubts. Not so much for the product with Intel, which you can use any application for Windows. The doubts are on the ARM platform with Windows RT, the Tablet more Tablet and less PC.


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