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MotorStorm RC

The latest addition to the iconic Motor Storm series includes remote controlled vehicles. It from PlayStation Store downloadable Motor Storm RC provides opportunities for cross-platform game play, which means you compete against players with the PlayStation Vita version can record a unique competitive experience. So you wherever you are instantly record times of your friend (inn) and try to break it against ghost cars and record.

Want sizes in the same room a lesson? Then you can also game on a split screen and play them on 16 different tracks in the dust to bite.

The Jak and Daxter Trilogy

There is something special is needed to the heart of game fans to win and that is exactly what the dynamic duo Jak and Daxter did. So can you, as a tribute to their popularity the three PlayStation 2 classics Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II: Renegade and Jak 3 a great Blu-ray Disc or as separate downloads from PlayStation Store in your home.

If your action-adventures for the first play, you will undoubtedly your socks blown by the visuals in high definition and amazing stereoscopic 3D compatibility.

Mass Effect 3

Sci-fi epics bigger than Mass Effect are not hurry and you are now on the front row for the destruction of the earth … Unless of course you can prevent this stabbing. Join Commander Sheppard in an action packed RPG where you travel the fate of all life on our home planet in your hands and multiple endings are possible

Do not think you’re safe in the multiplayer mode. The co-op missions for four players can indeed affect the story in the single player mode.


Are you ready to go on an adventure in one of the most refreshing and original games ever made? Journey is about a journey through incredible landscapes full of mysteries and promises.

An ancient civilization and other mysterious travellers wait in this unique online game that is exclusively available on PlayStation Store.

Street Fighter X TEKKEN

This is the beat ’em up game that nobody saw coming. In Street Fighter X TEKKEN, the two worlds of the best fighting games from Capcom and Namco together to you amaze the rousing tagteamactie.

Only you can decide who wins the battles between characters like Kazuya and Guile and even PS3 exclusive characters like Cole MacGrath from inFAMOUS.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

Doctor Who, the longest running sci-fi series on TV in the world, materializes this year in an exciting adventure on PlayStation 3. The game revolves around a mysterious creature known only as the Doctor, hostile aliens, Earth devastating plots and time travel. What more could you want in a Doctor Who game?

Take the role of the Time Lord or his feisty companion River Song and begin a journey through space and time where your actions in one era actions in the other age can affect …

Twisted Metal

Do you hear all those engines roar? That is blazing fast racing spectacle Twisted Metal the engine warmed running later this year quite the beast hanging.

Crack in a tournament between four crazed mobs on dirty streets and let chaos with more than twelve dangerous vehicles. Whether you’re an ice cream cart in which a robot can change or cool motorcycle goes, Twisted Metal is ready to rock your world upside down.

BioShock Infinite

Let the briny depths for what it is and go into this new chapter in the BioShock series height in the air city of Columbia. Your mission as a former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt rotates about a daring rescue attempt in which the life of a young woman on the stake.

Are you able to get in a city that falls from the sky many weapons, gadgets and skills to pick up?

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Become the ultimate human weapon in a tactical shooter where a false move all your past can be. Luckily you have the crème de la crème in the field of high-tech equipment at your disposal, such as optical camouflage, rockets and X-ray glasses. The Life of a Future Soldier is full of danger. Can you make this task?

Max Payne 3

Max returns to his pain with the rest of the world to share. The former detective from New York a few years older, more cynical than ever and looking for a solution to a deadly web of deceit and deception in São Paulo, Brazil to escape.

When Max, you have his signature Bullet Time skills and weapons abound. Max Payne 3 is so full of action and the blistering hail of bullets that Rockstar Games is known for.

DUST 514

Large weapons, powerful cars and brutal battles on the ground are the ingredients for the war experience DUST 514 is called. In this strategic fps up to 48 players this explosive theater of war online entry. The battlefield is constantly evolving. Are you still standing when the calm is restored?


The struggle is everywhere, on foot, in vehicles and in the air. Welcome to the wild scifi action of Starhawk, a game where up to 32 players online the struggle for supremacy could tethering.

But it is not just that your competition in the card swipe. Thanks to the Build and Battle system you are forced during the conflict bunkers and armories to build cars and equipment and supply ships to order. Take your weapons from the fat to groundbreaking to proceed.


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For the application to find my iPhone function, location services must be enabled on the device you’ve lost or stolen, but of course, the success stories are warning potential thieves that this functionality exists and if the thief is He’s good at this type of equipment most likely to know how to turn off location services.

Fortunately there are ways to prevent off location services simple and inserting it much more difficult for the thief. It’s pretty simple, just go in the App Restrictions Settings; these are the steps to follow:

Executes the Settings app

Click on the General

Low and click on the section Restrictions

Click on Enable Restrictions, asks for a PIN code. Advisable not to use the same PIN that phone.

Once activated the restrictions, searches Listing Location.

From that moment to turn off location services to use the PIN code.

Of course there are ways to bypass these protections, but at least the savvy thieves will find it difficult and more opportunities to recover your device.

The downside is that every time you install a new application you need to use location services should go to the Restrictions panel and allow that application to use location services.

In any case I recommend the activation of these restrictions on all your iOS devices, better safe than sorry.

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1. Download applications only from Android Market

As Google realizes that there is a malicious application removed from the Market and uninstall it from your phone. If you install without using the Market, you’re on your own, because Google cannot rid your computer.

2. Please review Reviews and Comments Applications Downloads

Do not be fooled by the appearance of an application, read the reviews and comments from users who have downloaded. So you’ll know beforehand if the system slows down the application. or if you have some strange behaviour.

3. Beware of applications that require many permits

Must be wary of asking many permits applications, such as access to your contact list, or access to your SD memory, or send SMS. With these permissions an application could steal data or, for example, send SMS to paid services without you knowing about.

4. Do not store sensitive information on the phone

Not store bank details or passwords in the ATM cell. Malicious applications can take over this data. Or you can simply lose the phone and get someone else’s hands.

5. If you lose the phone, deletes the information remotely

Install an application such as Norton Smartphone Security or SMobile Security Shield, you can retrieve your information and delete it remotely in case of loss or theft. If you motoblur, already have this functionality

i phone private data,cell phone spyware,cell phone tracker,cricket phones,investigator jobs,locate my phone,lost phone locator,phone tracker online,phone tracking software,private eye,private investigator,private investigator jobs,private investigator licenseUnlike the first GSM phones contain a Smartphone like the iPhone a lot of personal data in example email messages, pictures, contacts, user names and passwords.

When you buy a new iPhone and your “old” iPhone to resell it is very wise to put all your personal data to delete. The iPhone is standard and option available, it removes all data and overwrites the freed disk space three times with blank data.

For all personal data contained on your iPhone to delete, go to the menu option:

General Settings ▸ ▸ ▸ Reset option: Delete all settings

Tap on the button ‘Delete iPhone’ to confirm your selection.

Depending on the type of iPhone that you can use to delete from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Once all data has been removed, the iPhone will automatically restart and all your personal information deleted safely. In the display of the iPhone will reboot after the default text “Connect to iTunes appears.

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Google new Penguin algorithm

Google increased online safety 

Google play Station download over 15 billion

Proper laptop according to your budget

Tips to secure your computer center

The current high-tech is marked by the arrival of Google very noticeable in the field of data storage services online (also called ” cloud “in the language of Shakespeare). A market in strong growth in recent years with the proliferation of devices allowing us to access our data (Smartphone’s, computers, tablets …).

Hundreds of millions of potential users

Google Drive, but he brings a revolution or is this just a clone of what is already in the competition?

If we look at the functions delivered and we compare them with what is offered its biggest competitor in the field, Drop box, we can already make some observations:

1. Google Drive resembles (more…)

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Main problem with iOS 6

Apple map review

Tips for protect your iPhone/iPod touch

How to extend iOS battery life

Why you jailbreak iPhone

Personal data assign to a device, many have a bad feeling. Your personal information behind in various applications is not without risk, there can always be information leaks. Fortunately, this is not common.

In iOS 6 are measures that the unauthorized use of personal guarantees better. Apple’s privacy protection thoroughly addressed and now it is quite easy to manage all the applications that use your personal information. Additionally, you now own application permission to use your data to use.

Privacy has its own preferences menu; here you can find all the settings for location services, contacts, calendars, reminders and find photos. Additionally it is possible to manage all application that use Twitter and Facebook. The setting for location services is not unknown in iOS and remained virtually unchanged. The other privacy settings, however, is new in iOS 6.

With the switch in location services have the ability to set the option on or off. When this option is disabled application cannot determine your location. The location services are also used to accurately determine your location, such as the maps application. (more…)

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Main problem with iOS 6

It should be one of the stars of the season high-tech. wordlessly from the firm, rumours indicate on the Internet: the iPad Mini is and will be presented during the month of October.

This is a new twist in the saga back of the iPad Mini. The site Apple Pro has released photos of the device from China. It would be a replica of the original prop for their products so that they come out (covers, bags, protective screens, etc.) as soon as the iPad Mini will be available. We now have more doubts about product design, similar to its big brother iPad.

Concerning the characteristics, a blogger specializing broke the silence from Apple. Marco Arment, developer of Instapaper application, noticed startling statistics on its implementation. In lines of code, two prototype mini iPad were included under the name of iPad 2.5 and iPad 2.6. Love this new technology is sure: those are the two versions of the mini-Apple tablet to come.

According to her, the model could have a A5 processor with 512 MB of RAM, but the Retina display. Both variants are proposed model Wi-Fi and 4G model.

A long wait

The iPad Mini panics users for several months and everyone has his little theory. Here are the best information we have today, more revelations of Marco Arment: Mini should provide a screen of 7.85 inches diagonally, a bit smaller than the current version of the iPad that is 9.7 inches.

The price should be around 200 dollars (about 160 Euros), to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nexus 7 of Google and Amazon Kindle Fire. As soon as the iPhone 5 will be available for sale, Apple will hold a conference to present its new product. This is a rather loaded back to the bitten apple.

Patience, there are only a few weeks of speculation before finally learn the truth.

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The Achilles heel of a Smartphone is the battery. Fortunately, there are many apps that help you get the last drop of energy from your device to squeeze. We chose five from Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

Advanced Task Killer (Android)

If you do not pay attention, state your Android device by full applications that run in the background and now your battery draining. With this handy app you can by pressing a button you stop all running processes, unless you first off you “kill list” removes. There is a paid (3.46 Euros) and free version of Advanced Task Killer , but there is hardly any difference between the two. Anyway particularly useful to quickly at hand.

APNdroid (Android)

Wireless networks are like no other battery of your Android phone blank drawing. With APNdroid check your meticulous when gps, bluetooth, (more…)

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Google Chrome has been released for iOS. The browser is the most downloaded app directly, but the performances are disappointing, because Apple using slow JavaScript engine enforces.

Google Chrome, according to the group is currently the most popular browser in the world, is available for the iPhone and iPad. Also Chrome the default browser on Android 4.1 become.

Google presented the mobile browser developer conference I / O. Within a few hours after the software in Apple’s App Store appeared, he stood at the top of the list of “Top Free” apps.

For existing Chrome users

Chrome on iOS is primarily intended for people who already use Chrome on other computers, so their settings, bookmarks and open pages can sync. (more…)

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Help Jake Tricky and Fresh escape angry inspector and his dog, pit bull.
official client of like a social network, which blurs the boundaries of communication for users around the world.
Official application for a known service Instagram.
Logos USSR
born in the USSR. Pioneer tie, soda for a penny, automatic “Battleship,” recorder “Mayak” … Solve all the logos!
Official application Classmates can always stay connected to the most popular Russian social network.
handy application to communicate and find new friends.
Swamp crocodile
Free version of the popular game for iOS devices. Try 10 levels, which are not in the full game, plus a few bonus levels.
AirBlue Sharing
program that can receive (more…)