What is Fire wall ?

A Firewall is a term meaning firewall. Its goal is exactly the same as a fire door in a public place, it is to prevent the spread of a fire so that the whole building does not burn in a few moments. At the computer, it is a border specifying what possible communications between the software and data, more precisely between the content visited on the web and drive.

Free solutions available

There are several free solutions to allow you to install a Firewall quality. It is possible to include Comodo, Online Armor Firewall Private or Zone Alarm. They are all easy to use and install, a simple search will allow you to make the acquisition.

Pay solutions developed by engineers worldwide
The greatest antivirus firewall also offer very good quality. In Avast , version “Internet Security” and “Business Protection more» integrates in the first is ideal for individuals and one for businesses. Simple to calibrate, it is one of the best antivirus firewall contained in a security which will guarantee at all times to threats on the web.

At McAfee , the four large editions have a firewall, it is All Access, Internet Security, Antivirus Plus and Total Protection. The Mac version also has a firewall, ideal for threats of growing on this platform.

At Kaspersky , the solution PURE Total Internet Security and integrates for optimal protection. Versions for companies also have a Firewall quality as in publishing Small Office Security, Security WorkSpace or BusinessSpace Security.

Finally, at Bitdefender , a firewall is present in every quality security software. As Total Security Internet Security, not to mention the many editions for businesses.

Make the right choice now to install a firewall and strong performance on your computer.


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