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In previous post i gave some reason why apple iPhone is best phone i ever had. If you interest to read that article click here and today I’m gonna give how to find a original apple product.

iPhone have three model IPhone, Iphone3G and iPhone3GS. So you need little bit experience about apple product to find to original one. Apple market increase very rapidly and there have lot of duplicate copy each iPhone, you can buy very low price from market those come from China. That is the first point to think carefully. And follow the steps then is it not difficult to get original manufacturing product.

Replace your iPhone and look at the back. There should be a small apple logo and then the official name of the phone underneath the logo engraved. In the case of a first-generation model, the name will simply read “iPhone”. For the 3G and 3GS models, you will see the extension of the model after the text “iPhone.”

Look at the buttons on the iPhone. All iPhone models contain the same button structure. There will be a button on the touch screen, volume control on the left side, a mute switch above that and one Sleep / Wake button on top of the phone.If you see another button configuration, the phone is a fake.

Check-approved carriers. Although the iPhone can be “unlocked” to work on other networks, iPhones sold in sealed box should only work on the AT & T network in the United States. If you see a feature that indicates the device work on other networks based in the United States, the device is not authentic.

By default apple iPhone OS come with different applications. Like iTunes, the App store etc. Those applications cannot delete from phone and not way to install these application to other mobile phones. It good point to check iPhone is original one.
When go to iPhone design it have unique design patter including a return envelope and black rounded. If you see some different colour iPhone it better to check is it original product.

then enjoy your original apple iPhone 🙂

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