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The Apple iPad is, after the Mac Book, iPod and iPhone , the fourth milestone in Apple’s portfolio of portable electronics. This first internet tablet from Apple has a 9.7-inch multi-touch touch screen display and has the same user interface, with familiar icons, like the iPhone. The iPad is about as big as an A4 piece of paper as thick as a pencil. The tablet has a 1GHz Apple A4 processor, a chipset that Apple specifically for the iPad designs. (Provided the Apple iPhone 4 , after the iPad was announced on the same chip). The iPad is suitable to surf the Internet, play games, listen to music, videos and photos to view, as an e-reader and documents to view and edit. With a 10-hour battery life is Apple’s tablet quite long consecutive use. In March 2011, the iPad 2 (with extras like a camera front and rear, the Face Time app and iOS 4.3) introduced. In March 2012 came the iPad 3 (with iOS 5.1 and Full HD video).

Interface and Internet

If you have an iPhone are used, the iPad is easy to operate: the interfaces of both Apple device are almost the same. Also on the iPad you can find programs under clear and large icons that are activated by light touch. Working in applications is the multi-touch screen is very simple and intuitive. Multitasking is not supported, so you do not run multiple applications simultaneously can be busy. Messages are tapping through a virtual QWERTY keyboard. The 1.27 cm thin iPad supports standard WiFi and Bluetooth for wireless internet on the go and wirelessly with other devices. Besides an edition with only WiFi, there is also a version of the iPad with WiFi + 3G available so you can surf the Internet wirelessly when you’re not near a WiFi hotspot. (Only the WiFi + 3G version has a slot for a SIM card). The iPad is not equipped with a built-in webcam, so video chat is not possible. Also supports Apple’s tablet no Flash, so some websites are not or only partially be viewed. To do YouTube videos properly view, the iPad includes a dedicated YouTube application. Surfing on the iPad is done with the supplied (and developed by Apple) Safari browser.


The iPad is available with 16GB, 32GB or 64GB memory. This memory is further expandable, even via micro SD, so think well before you think how much data to store. The memory of the iPad is 512MB RAM.


iPad is thanks to the new iBook application can also be used as an e-reader. Through this (free) application can eBooks for iPad purchase. The screen is not optimally suited for the display of regular eBooks and eBook readers, the sun is not always easy to see and read not as quiet as a paper book.

Games, videos and music

The iPad is a multifunctional media device. Not only is this internet tablet very good to them browse on the internet, you can also on the iPad very good games. The games are available for download in the iTunes App Store and operate via on-screen touch buttons or motion sensor. Every iPhone application also runs on the iPad, so you can all iPhone games on the iPad games. The screen is then stretched, giving the image a bit less sharp. The iPad is also used as an iPod, so if your next music on the big screen to surf is a suitable ally. Through specially developed for the iPad YouTube application, all YouTube videos (including HD) to see, without you worrying about Flash support. HDMI output is missing. The iPad has a 3.5 mm port to which you can connect any standard headsets so that your environment does not always join enjoy the sound that comes from the tablet. If you do want to let others enjoy, the iPad also has built-in speakers.

Documents and Navigation

Location makes your iPad using the built-in compass and aGPS. With Google Maps you can then see where you are and how to proceed. The iPad has some simple built-in applications for the most common functions, such as notes, calendar and contacts. The Spotlight feature, you can search the device. For anyone the iPad for business needs, there is loose (fee) the iWork suite available. This package contains the programs Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. Keynote can be used for making presentations, Pages provides the opportunities for text in a nicely formatted document capture and edit your spreadsheets with Numbers.

Peripherals and accessories

For the iPad are many accessories that you can expand capabilities of the tablet. So you decide to purchase a keyboard docking station that transforms your iPad into a small net book almost necessary accessory, the “iPad Camera Connection Kit. With this kit you get two options for pictures and videos from your digital camera to your iPad to import. With this adapter it is first possible files from your camera to your iPad to transfer with the USB cable from your camera. Another possibility is for the SD card reader adapter, you can, just like almost all regular net books, the SD memory card from the camera in the iPad. Given the lack of connection ports on the iPad itself, this kit is actually the only way to connect external devices to the iPad to connect and transfer photos from your camera, PC / Mac and iPad. Furthermore, a ‘iPad Case’ available: a stylish black protective cover, which also can be used as a kickstand for when you want to watch video with several people.

Device & dimensions

The Apple iPad is an e-tablet with a weight of 730 grams. The dimensions of the tablet are 24.30 x 19.00 x 1.30 inches. The operating time of the Li-Ion battery is (under ideal conditions) 10 hours. The Apple iPad is available in the colours.


The Apple iPad runs on a 1GHz Apple A4 processor and has an internal memory of 16 GB. In addition to a 16 GB version is also available in the Apple iPad memory performances of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. The RAM is 256 MB. The maximum resolution of the 9.7 “display is 1024 x 768 pixels. With the built-in webcam can also use the iPad for video calls over the Internet.


There are no USB ports at your disposal. This makes the Apple iPad ill to include peripherals. Further the iPad in-and outputs for web and audio. An external monitor does not belong to the possibilities. Bluetooth for wireless communication with such a phone is also possible. The Apple iPad may finally be connected wirelessly to the Internet via WiFi or a cellular (HSDPA) network. For mobile Internet is a mobile data plan required.


The Apple iPad runs on iOS 3. iOS 3 is the mobile derivative of Apple’s Mac OS X operating system. This iOS edition was first available on the iPhone 3GS in 2009. iOS 3 has a copy & paste functionality. Apple’s pre-installed Safari browser supports HTML5 this edition. Also there is Voice Control, which voice commands are possible. Through  Apple’s iTunes App Store and his music and to download applications. Angry Birds is supported from iOS 3.0, support for WhatsApp is from iOS 3.1.

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