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IPod touch 4G

IPod touch from the fourth generation was published in September 2010. This model is in fact the iPhone 4, but without calling. For the rest, this fourth generation iPod touch, however, all the possibilities available to the iPhone 4 also available. Think of a very bright Retina display, Apple A4 processor, iOS 4 operating system with multitasking capability and a camera for HD video with ease. Thanks to the front camera and Face Time application you can video chat with other iPhone 4 – or iPod touch 4G owners. Also new is the Game Center, which you can challenge your friends to a game. Simultaneously with this fourth iPod touch was iTunes 10 introduced. This tenth editions of iTunes supports a new social network: iTunes Ping . ITunes Ping can your favorite artists and friends to follow closely, and find out what music the subject of conversation and much listened to and downloaded. The new iPod touch comes with 8GB, 32GB or 64GB memory.

IPod touch 2G 3G

In 2008, Apple introduced the second generation iPod touch (Figure 1 t / m 4), featuring an amazingly thin contoured metal design and smaller and lighter than the original version. Furthermore, the new iPod touch works with the new Genius feature in iTunes 8/9, so you automatically create playlists while on the go. In September 2009, a 64GB model on the market, which is also 50% faster.

IPod touch 1G

The Apple iPod touch is the flagship of the popular Apple iPod music line. The touch is very similar to the iPhone, but is still slightly thinner (only 8 millimetres). More interesting is the 3.5 “widescreen and Wifi support .Large screen video viewing give real relief. The Wifi support provides both the ability to wirelessly files on iPod touch to convert. Additionally you can use the touch as a web tablet, which is a whole new dimension to the iPod line. Navigating files on the iPod touch simply by adding Cover Flow. Using Cover Flow lets you use digital music and video collection leaves, just as you CDs or watching DVDs. Cover Flow displays all the album art in your music collection again in a convenient window that looks like a CD collection or jukebox selection. Use the arrows to the left and to the right or the alphabetical scroll bar to scroll through your album art browsing. Did you find what you were looking for, and then click on the illustration to the album to play? The Apple iPod touch is available in 8 and 16 GB version.

Device & dimensions

The Apple iPod touch is a high end media player with Wifi Touch screen and weighing 135 grams. The dimensions of the unit are 11.50 x 6.10 x 0.80 inches. The time of the Li-Ion battery is (under ideal conditions) 22 hours consecutively. The Apple iPod touch is only available in black.

Memory and connectivity

The Apple iPod touch is available in versions memory of 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. There are no expansion slots for memory cards available. The iPod touch supports further Wifi, so you can wirelessly files with your PC and others can share. Thanks to the support of Bluetooth you can also simply listen to music with a wireless headset or wireless speakers.


The Apple iPod touch can both audio (MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF and Apple Lossless) and video (H.264, MPEG4 and MOV) files mobile listening and viewing. With the built-in picture viewer you can moreover JPEG, BMP, POISON, TIFF, PSD and PNG pictures. The photos and videos can be viewed on a 3.5 “screen with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. This Apple is equipped with a voice recorder, which you can record sounds. A built-in FM radio is missing.

Operating system

Apple iPod touch running on iOS 4. iOS is the mobile derivative of Apple’s Mac OS X operating system. IOS 4 was introduced in 2010 on the iPhone 4. Changes compared to iOS 3, including support for multitasking, a file manager that allows you to divide applications into folders, Apple’s new iPad mobile advertising platform and the iBooks app for reading e-books. The popular applications WhatsApp and Angry Birds for iOS 4 found in the Apple App Store.

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