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This is unbelievable  a 9.7 inch display Retina – 3.1 million pixels and Resolution of iPad display 2048 × 1536 But on this display enhancements do not end. Apple also improved the colour saturation of 44%. Create a display – not an easy task. To ensure adequate image quality, engineers had to separate the logic of the system display on different planes. This is a complex and unique technology.

Processor iPad 3

This model has a processor and a quad A5X graphics chip. With all the power of the new system, iPad maintained its 10 hours.

Camera iPad 3

It’s more improvement comparing iPad2 camera. The new iPad finally got a good camera. I Sight sensor have a resolution of 5 megapixels, and can record HD-video in 1080p With image stabilization. iPad3 Camera layout similar to iPhone 4S and same 5 lens, aperture F/2.4, hybrid infrared filter, and more. It has automatic face detection, auto focus, touch focus. Do not forget that all this is on a Tablet PC, which is not bad.
Example photos taken with the new camera iPad:

4G connection iPad 3

It enables 4G network support and LTE ensures incredible download speeds – up to 73 megabits per second also in the settings will now be a special interface for managing your data plan right from the iPad. But this opportunity is available only AT & T and Verizon.

Voice dialling iPad 3

Unfortunately Siri assistant is exclusive only to holders of iPhone 4S. The new iPad also added a voice dial, which works exactly the same as the iPhone-you press the key next to the “gap” and sound out the text.

Applications iPad 3

With the release of the new iPad developers pleased and updating applications that are already available in the AppStore. Edit movies HD. Burn music. Read books and stories or write them to make your great ideas new application design by old designer who developed previous iPads. They work with the new tablet will be even more exciting and interesting.With iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand for iPad, you can translate all their own, creative ideas Such as the creation of movies, music, or a new opportunity to view and edit your photos. And all with one touch.

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