New features iOS6,does siri work on,download ios 4.2,ios 4.2,ios 4.3 software update,ios 6 google,ios6,ios6 developer,ios6 map,ios6 release,ios6 update,latest ios update,new features ios6,new in ios6,new ios update,new ios6,update ios6,update to ios6We were accustomed to large changes in new versions of iOS, but that will be different with iOS 6. The following additions make it definitely worth it to upgrade to the new operating system. iOS 6 since Wednesday for anyone with an iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S download. The iPad 2 and 3, as the fourth generation iPod Touch with the new mobile OS.


Add photos and videos to email messages

For years, users complained that if wanted to send a picture that could only do so from the Photos app. Finally you can now easily share files with messages to send from the Mail app.

 Choose from multiple signatures to e-mails

Another irritation that has long existed but had the disadvantage that you have a signature to posts you could put. iOS 6 imposes blockade: You can now any e-mail account has a different signature. Hopefully Apple adds in iOS 7 finally the long awaited filtering options for e-mail.

 Rearrange mailboxes, filter favourites

Another improvement to the mail program of iOS is the ability to the mailboxes in your accounts list to rearrange. This is done with the random arrangement from earlier versions.

iOS 6 the VIP virtual mailbox that we for the first time in OS X Lion Mountain encountered: Mail from people you designate as VIP to the virtual mailbox for fast access. The beauty is that VIPs from OS X to synchronize with iOS.

Another new feature: the flag feature has now been given its own button at the top of the interface.

Upload images to web sites

iOS has long known limitation that images could not be uploaded to websites. Changing your profile picture via the web interface of Twitter was not with

 Las moments in silence

OS X Lion Mountain introduced a -Me-Not Disturb feature that allows you to periodically Message Center can expand. iOS 6 knows that now and has the option further enhanced by the opportunity to indicate who you are in a period of silence can and cannot call.

 Siri comes to the 3rd generation iPad

Apple’s voice-based personal assistant debuted last fall as an exclusive feature of the iPhone 4S . With iOS 6 get the third generation iPad also access Siri (just like the iPhone 5 and the latest iPod Touch). Previous iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch devices support Siri not because of hardware limitations.

Get a controlled route

A lasting benefit of Google’s Android over iOS continues driven routing functionality. Apple dumps in iOS 6 Google Maps and comes in the new operating system with its own version.

On an iPhone 4S, an iPhone 5 or an iPad 3, this new card features a route with voice guidance. Unfortunately, given earlier devices that do not and they remain dependent on the apps from Navigon and TomTom.

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