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That’s why I bring the following recommendations that we used one to one guarantee for much longer enjoy them.


1.Problem: The rear

It is the longest passing in contact with the surface, in early versions of iPhone and now the iPod Touch are metallic, which makes it very easy scratching and fingerprint are impregnated and fluids and you look a bit ugly.


The best way to protect it is a case, on the market a wide range of cases for the iPhone and iPod Touch  of different colors and materials to protect them also gives them a much more elegant appearance and beautiful.

I personally rather like the rigid, besides protecting it from scratches helps to absorb shock if dropped.

2.Problem: Screen Scratches

There is a myth that the screen of the iPhone and iPod Touch are proof is just a myth, I checked myself with my first iPod Touch and test the keys, result, two almost imperceptible scratches but ultimately after scratching.

In the day to day this is what we do every time we keep it in my pocket with coins or keys.


Screen Protectors that can be found easily on eBay or specialty stores and the price is very low, is made of a material anti-glare and protects from scratches, dust, dirt and marks on the screen

There are also versions of the guards once off the screen become a mirror, the women J sure this type of screen saver will come in handy.

3.Problem: Broken Screen

Although the iPhone and iPod Touch is made of very durable materials it is possible to break the screen is more, is one of the major regional fault is this.

Although the covers help protect against the impacts are usually caused by carelessness.


Avoid storing in pants pockets or sit them out before, most people do not realize this until you do not hear as part of the screen.

Avoid contact sports or extreme, the iPhone or iPod touch is not made for this as a low blow or fall can damage it.

Avoid handling in crowded places or low alcohol effects, oddly enough I saw a friend to make it out and you Twit callus hand, if not more to hurt her or me, at the end everything was a fright.

4.Problem: Water

Liquids have been and always will be the greatest enemies of technology, there’s no case is worth, but the iPhones and iPod Touch have a system that can detect if they been wet, if not believe me look inside the headphone jack of a white membrane that changes color with the liquids.


There are the typical ” Grandma’s advice “that some will not work, for example to Priscilla  of that got into a bottle with rice and the other day I was working  , and forget it if the warranty.

if this does not work Apple takes pity on us that allows change for $ 199, apparently regardless of the capacity or the phone version  rugged, they “replace” your iPhone, although as discussed in the news seems to be that a refurbished change, which is what you get in exchange for $ 199, no other phone brand new.

5.Problem: Shorts or Surge

This problem usually occurs with products that are not Apple original or that are not made ​​by companies specializing in these devices, a good example is emergency chargers or cables purchased through internet sites or directly dubious Chinese.

Some of these accessories are well designed and can cause irreparable damage or reduce the storage capacity of the battery.


Sure to buy original products or specialized brands like Belkin, Griffin  among others.

6.Problem: Robbery

Worse damage to you is that you steal, you must be very careful not to get it out in public places or bus, there is a lovers fingers and the iPhone – iPod Touch is money for them:


In this case the iPhone have a GPS that can be used to our advantage to find In short it’s best to be careful and stay ahead of events, it is better to invest in a couple of Euros to protect paying sometimes repairs typically cost almost new one.

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