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In the clouds of iCloud

Apple’s free iCloud service is just after the launch of OS X Lion in the air, mid 2011. With this online service, among other data, notes, reminders, pictures and files wirelessly and automatically sync between iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. OS X Lion Mountain streamlines this integration further by allowing iCloud daily use even less noticeable and much better. Tucked away in the background keeps the files and settings to a supported application. These are in sync with a (free) online storage 5 GB and with any iPhone and iPad. Normal users do not know as to have more folders and file formats. Everything is synchronized in the background without the user noticing or need to do, very convenient.


After ten years of faithful service, the chat iChat no longer part of OS X. For all chat needs and other fast messages iMessage is built. With iMessage is possible to quickly and easily from your Mac to send messages to anyone with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch that iOS 5 on it. It is now possible to make a call on the Mac and there continue to go on the iPad or iPhone. It is also possible to transfer files, photos and movies to be sent via iMessage,  iMessage also supports other chat services like FaceTime, AIM, Yahoo! and Google Talk.

Share and conquer

Mountain Lion is also made easier by sharing everything from the program open. In applications such as the Safari browser, are now icons we already know from the iPhone and the iPad. With the press of a button it is possible to use the current web page (or a document, picture, or what the open application does) send by mail, share via iMessage or post on Twitter. Twitter is integrated in this version of the operating system. Username and password to twitter once the settings are completed. Apple supports Facebook at the moment yet, it is expected that with the launch of iOS 6 in the following autumn.

Message Center

With the new message center, the Mac reports directly on your desktop when new mail among other things, a new Twitter message or a calendar appointment arrives. This part was already longer in the iPhone and iPad, but on the Mac there was a separate application is required. Through the system settings you can configure how the messages look like and which applications you want to receive messages. After a few seconds the messages disappear, but they are afterwards is always in a convenient list to call.

Faster browser

A new version of OS X also provides similar improvements to the Safari browser. Besides the direct share in Safari using include iMessage, we now – like Google Chrome – an address bar that also serves as a search bar. With a gesture, or press the button, it is possible to get an overview of all open tabs to get. The main improvement is invisible. The new Safari uses the latest technology to Web pages on the screen, in terms of speed to catch up with Google Chrome.

Better Security

Due to the increasing amount of malware for Apple Mac users want more security. From Mountain Lion is therefore a special program in the operating system, called Gatekeeper, which is entirely dedicated to security. Now applications only from Apple’s own App Store installed, and only from known, reliable developers. At least that is the default Gatekeeper. The settings are manually changed so that you can install software from other sources.

Continuing work during sleep

The Mountain Lion ensures that even when the computer is asleep or in hibernation, important tasks silently in the background and continue. Think fetch mail, sync photos and important files secure. This is certainly the Mac to sleep when he wakes up. If the Mac with Mountain Lion also to a power source, updates are also transferred while the Mac is asleep. That all sounds nice, but there is a snag. It works only on Apple computers with built-in flash storage, like the new MacBook Air models and Macbook Pro Retina expensive. Systems with a hard disk drive are not eligible.

Game Center

Game Center, the central point for lovers of games, was flown from the iPad and iPhone. With Mountain Lion, you can now also create your own game scores organized and centrally understand. Moreover, Game Center it even easier to play against others, even against people with an iPad or iPhone. You have to do is just log in with your Apple ID and Game Center ID. With Game Center you’ll get a list of all the games you’ve played and can play your own game scores compare with those of others. Via Game Center allows you to start multiplayer game, challenge people you do not know and there are even opponents of same level with Game Center proposed.


Mountain Lion also offers a new opportunity to screen content wirelessly on any TV show where an Apple TV (2nd/3rd Generation) is connected. While you’re on the couch, you can simply click include websites, videos or Google Earth show. Moreover, this option is useful in classrooms or for giving a presentation. Sound is also transmitted.


Low price;

Improved security;

iMessage is nice and convenient;

Easy installation

Lots of innovation in many areas;

Integration with social networks;


Not every innovation is an improvement;

Does not work on older Macs;

Some features only work on the latest Mac computers;

No integration with Facebook

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