Problem with iOS 6,4s ios,download ios 4.2,download ios 6,get wifi,ios 4.2,latest version of ios,new ios update,problem with ios 6,update ios 5.1,upgrade ios 5.1,upgrade to ios 5.1,wifi not working,wifi problems,wifi troubleshooting,wireless router problemsFor several hours the update to iOS 6 for owners of an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch free download. After all the beauty, Apple announces the update screen more than 200 improvements With iOS you have possibility to the Facebook Contact Sync feature to use photos, email addresses and current phone numbers of friends to install on your iPhone. But instead of the “real email address” is very likely email address so that mail is not downloaded to your email is delivered but in your inbox on Facebook. Reason is that Facebook in June, the visibility of your default email address has changed to address.

You can do this for yourself by going to info on your profile page and there under ‘Contact’ the visibility of your email address May or may not turn on or off. You do this by choosing Edit. Here you can choose which email address visible (displayed or not) on your timeline and thus automatically off. This will prevent later can mail to your friends Facebook instead to your Gmail account.

Another problem lies in the new Maps which moreover gorgeous look. Not all possibilities for transport information seem more present (bus, train). Rather than see the route you get a list of third-party navigation apps. [Update] There also seem to be many problems with the navigation itself.

Furthermore, there is also Wifi problems reported via Twitter. Once you’re connected may happen that you will be redirected to a 404 page on the Apple website. It is expected that Apple very quickly with an update coming. If there are more problems reported that matter we will add it to this post. [Update] The iPhoneclub reports that a parent and known SMS vulnerability in iOS solved with iOS 6. This leak caused someone an alternative sender to a sent SMS message could show. Other problems after upgrade to iOS 6 that many are called: Battery Problem: advice Reboot your iPhone / iPod and allow him a moment to a charger Wifi does not work well / lake: This problem seems especially immediately after upgrading to occur. Again the advice. Reset and select your connection Bluetooth: does not work well / lake. (See also wifi) Whatsapp problems: lost contacts, no pictures Maps: No correct localization. Apple reports that the more people start using Maps, the better the application will work.

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