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Apple at the iPhone 5 opted for a year not to go in the battle for the most megapixels. But what do you expect, if you have the most used camera. When it comes to camera specifications, seen in the differences between the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 only changes the Face Time camera back.

Face Time camera

Apple iPhone 5 features an improved Face Time camera (the camera on the front). The new Face Time HD camera lets you shoot now. Also, thanks iOS6, possible to later Face Time calls over the 3G network to implement. Until now this was only possible via a Wi-Fi connection.

Lens cover of sapphire crystal

Although the lens itself has not changed, Apple has its protection or adjusted. The iPhone 5 has glass lens cover of sapphire crystal which is thinner and stronger than ordinary glass. In addition, the new cover obviously makes sure that the camera delivers crystal-clear picture.

Panoramic pictures

One of the new features of the iPhone 5 is the ability to create panoramic photos. There were of course already separate applications for download, but iOS6 Apple integrates this feature into their own camera application.
You make a panorama picture by “options” option in the camera application and “panorama” tapping. Then move the camera in a horizontal manner along the scene you want to shoot. In the A6 chip, gyroscope and camera application work together to produce a razor-sharp panorama photo. In Any movements in the iPhone 5 compensated by the stabilizer.
You can use the iPhone 5 panoramic photos up to 28 megapixels make. The panorama mode is available for both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

The feature is already available in iOS 6 Golden Master (the last stage software) developers. Below shows a developer how the panorama feature works:
Faster shooting, even during filming
The iPhone 5 is faster consecutive photos by leveraging the new A6 processor. But just as interesting is the new option to take photos during video recording.
Apple is not the first with this feature. Competitors like the Samsung Galaxy SIII and HTC One X did this before possible.
The iPhone 5 has an improved stabilizer. Many digital cameras have been equipped with this feature. A stabilizer automatically compensates for any movement while you shoot your picture. This should result in sharper pictures.
On the Apple site are all different photos view created with the iPhone 5. And it must be said, these look really razor sharp.

Other improvements

There are also smaller improvements applied around the camera of the iPhone 5.
So there is good news for the party goers among us. Thanks to new software, the iPhone 5 better pictures in dark areas making. Do you want the picture then quickly share? That will soon be easier as Facebook fully integrated iOS6 will be. This shares your photos directly from Facebook.

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