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A plague that has long lain dormant is that malware for Mac OS X. The personal computer operating system from Apple has the reputation to be a secure platform. Viruses, worms, Trojans and other pests that plague Windows for years, are hardly touched on Mac OS X. But that does not mean that there is no malware. There is simply much less malware on this platform.

Why? Partly because OS X from the ground up with certain security ingrained, user default not when administrator work. Simultaneously lacked Apple’s operating system until recently few layers of protection that Windows already has. But the Mac is less, thus less interesting for malware creators, provides another explanation.

Cybercriminals target now also specifically on the Mac. As with the Flashback malware, which first occurred as an update for Adobe Flash for Mac users where to get the Trojan to install. A newer version of Flashback jumps thanks to a hole in the embattled Java, making it without action from the user can enter.

Apple provides its own implementation of Java for its Mac OS X, and is taking some time behind patches from Oracle Java creator. Admittedly, Apple stops own Java and deliver it since the current version Lion no longer standard along with its operating system Like Adobe Flash anyway. Foresight of Apple, but hackers found simply holes in Apple’s own software.

Safety Wan

OS X is the (re) emergence of more malware not equal unsafe. Not quite. Still lives the Mac world in the belief that the platform is inherently safe. But that is not so, any more than if the open source Linux operating system is safe. Nothing is 100 percent safe. However, some systems are more difficult to crack, infect or hack. So they may be less worthwhile for cyber criminals.

Meanwhile Delusions Mac users feel safe. A reassuring thought that fellow is maintained by Apple and the sellers plus geniuses in its stores. “You do not need antivirus”, is a plus for sale veelgebezigd Macs. But now antivirus – simply available free – surely needed.

If the Mac user not neatly is walking in the upgrade pace of Apple, The software maker provides only the current and previous OS X version of patches. This is currently still represents a large 15 percent (10.5, Leopard) for all Mac users. But the new version Mountain Lion (10.8) is coming and almost 50 percent of the Macs are now running Snow Leopard (10.6). The current Lion (10.7) is just 30 percent.

A completely different plague for Mac OS X is the long history infighting among computer users. A rivalry that Apple itself awakens in his famous commercials. By itself, group feeling and off-against-the-other good. But the camps in this conflict are bitter and have deeply entrenched.

Some people feel their computer superior choice and let that feeling not affect the reality that their platform is not perfect
Both camps help both themselves and the other is not determined in advance. It is with such infighting are difficult to learn without too sneer. It’s hard to help each other, without denigrating. And is not halt decline?


Apple knows for years the affair secret. While most of the world tense waiting for each piece of information or speculation about the next iProduct Apple manages to keep the shutters closed With the exception of a few information leaks or lost prototypes then.

The disadvantage of this approach is that the opaque outside world does not know where it’s at. Apple knows how to surprise again and again, which also could have negative results. Take for example the removal of the OS X servers. The users and administrators Macs Windows-oriented industry has been are suddenly left in the lurch. They may use their server racks filled with the desktop of the Mac Pro cabinets or biscuit tins of the Mac mini.

Terms of product development is not necessarily a great plague, but in terms of security, this is it. Apple does today, although less time on security holes in its products to seal. Where it used to be 6 months could take an open 0-day gap in OS X was patched, can now already six weeks.

But no one knows whether this is the result of a structural approach or only a temporary improvement. Indeed, for specific security cases such as reaching DigiNotar affair nobody knows whether Apple is doing it at all until the work off and off. Other IT vendors go there by security experts still a lot more open and mature with this. And Apple has enough security work to do.
To date Apple spokespersons respond to standard questions that the company no statements about whether or not to bring more products. This is shown in practice to store patches for already released products. A new response is “at this moment is the knowledgebase article that you refer to the only information available”. This is in response to the outcry over the Flashback malware infecting Macs, which ultimately still is contested by Apple itself.


Another platform is built on the foundations of Mac OS X. For example, Steve Jobs in January 2007 announced itself. Only iOS is vastly greater than Mac OS X. Apple owes its giant increased sales and profits are huge market capitalization and its brilliant prospects to the operating system of the iPhone and iPad. Not in the Mac OS X version.

The Mac is Apple become afterthought. It has also been revealed: the company has in 2007 been the advent of Mac OS X Leopard suspended because the development of iOS gave priority. Also look at the Mac hardware. Apple Xserve servers are deleted and neglect his Mac Pro. That line workstations has long been no new hardware has gotten more. The Mac Books are still in grace, but iPhones and iPads are the flagship products of Apple.

In itself, this is logical. In May 2011, Apple has already shown that good, well deserves its mobile operating system. One analyst calculated that iOS Devices Apple 2.3 times as much profit as a result of Microsoft Windows does. Combined with OS X that grows to 3.5 times. Good news for Apple, but look equally good: the proportion of the Mac operating system is considerably smaller. Where sales of Macs also considerably smaller than that of sales successes iPhone and iPad.

According to the calculations of the analyst’s OS X accounts for 21 percent of Apple’s earnings, while 75 percent of the iOS operating indoors. And those were figures of almost a year ago. In addition, Apple is also not afraid to be themselves compete. See but the iPhone versus the successful iPod, iMac versus the more expensive Mac Pro, Mac mini cheap versus the iMac and now the iPad vs. the Mac Book and iOS vs. Mac OS X. It is not for nothing that the Mac operating increasingly on iOS seems. What does the future hold for OS X?

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