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Help Jake Tricky and Fresh escape angry inspector and his dog, pit bull.
official client of like a social network, which blurs the boundaries of communication for users around the world.
Official application for a known service Instagram.
Logos USSR
born in the USSR. Pioneer tie, soda for a penny, automatic “Battleship,” recorder “Mayak” … Solve all the logos!
Official application Classmates can always stay connected to the most popular Russian social network.
handy application to communicate and find new friends.
Swamp crocodile
Free version of the popular game for iOS devices. Try 10 levels, which are not in the full game, plus a few bonus levels.
AirBlue Sharing
program that can receive and transmit data over Bluetooth on your iPhone.
Airblue Sharing is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux, Nokia, Android, Blackberry and other phones with Bluetooth.
Online radio on your iPhone and aypade. All of Moscow radio station live broadcast and archived for 5 years.
With flash on the back of your iPhone 4 (or on the older model iOS) app flashlight. allows you to apply a bright beam of light from the iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Yandex.Maps – this scheme more than 250 cities in your pocket. Find addresses, organizations, the best routes and cross all traffic jams. Watch what happens on the road – you know where on your way plug, an accident or an overlap.
Find iPhone
If you do not know where they left their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, find it and protect your data will help application “Find My iPhone» on another device with iOS.
Official application VKontakte. Provides convenient access to the functions of social networks.
Official application service anonymous questions
Changing Voices ™ lite
application, which drastically change your voice.
The official client for the world’s largest dating service for evaluation and photos!
Mail.Ru Agent
application that allows you to exchange instant messages with your friends, send free SMS to mobile phones in real time to share your photos and manage mail in your mailbox Mail.Ru
World of Tanks Assistant
The perfect companion for a tank player online bestseller «World of Tanks»
Ice Age: The village
This is the Ice Age! Scrat so enthusiastically chasing his acorn, which he did not notice that his fault is a crack under the village.
application online cinema provides access to the largest collection of licensed video Russian Internet.
Camera – Professional Effects
you feel unsatisfied, after viewing a photo gallery of your device?
Do you think that your photo is not enough beautiful, stylish and interesting enough?
Talking cat Tom
Tom – it’s your favorite pet cat, that responds to your touch and repeats funny voice everything you say.
Educational games for children
This application was developed to support the important area of intellectual development of the child and to assist in the development of basic skills in this area.
Secret Folder
application offers new proven ways to protect personal data on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Create a secret code pattern or use a pin to lock the device! Keep your personal information in a secure place the eye! Your files are now in safe hands!
My Country: Build your own virtual city
This is a game for those who are already tired of the usual game in the style of a “virtual city”.
SMS touch
Software for sending short text messages (SMS) via the Internet.
Addicta Kicks
Simple and addictive game-football game.
Ringtonium Lite
One of the best applications for cutting ringtones.
Translator Translate.Ru
application to translate words, sentences and web pages, and SMS with the choices subjects.
TravelRussia (RU)
TravelRussia – easy Geo Locator content across Russia, useful for both tourists and local residents.
Japanese Crosswords
game that won millions of fans around the world, takes on a new look.
Office ² Plus
With this application, you can view, create and edit documents in Word (DOC / DOCX) and Excel (XLS) on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Box for iPhone and iPad
is a convenient and reliable “cloud” storage.
Foreign languages
This application is a constantly updated library of audio course for self-study foreign languages.
Talking Tom Cat
Tom – it’s your favorite pet cat, that responds to your touch and repeats a funny voice everything you say.
Ace Defense
Addictive game in the style of Tower Defense.
Children’s Songs
In this appendix you will find a collection of great songs from children’s cartoons and movies. The good old heroes of Soviet cartoons will not be bored for your children no matter where you are.
Nelso Prague, taking as a basis their’s extensive searchable database of Prague, to create the best program of its kind to visitors Golden Prague, working in offline mode.
Shooting Showdown
Shooting Range in the Virtual Reality.
motocross game with obstacles.
Top Truck
Racing huge ATVs.
Zombie Flick
A game where you have to survive the zombie apocalypse.
Your new player. Millions of tracks in your iPhone, the ability to store and listen to them without an internet connection.
Home Bookkeeping
application for the popular online service financial accounting, which will help to trace when, how much and what you spend your money.
Powerful, which will help to transform dull and gray image in a lively and interesting shot!
Mobile Guide
Telephone Directory with information about companies and organizations. Allows you to quickly find what you want, without the mess.
Lords and knights
Play the game lords and knights right now and become the ruler of a mighty empire! Join other lords in exciting battles against thousands of other players – and all this in order to take over control of the country.
GARANT. All codes of the Russian Federation
Appendix contains the main Code.
Find my friends
app “Find My Friends” to quickly determine the location of their friends and relatives with iPhone,
is an entertaining time forwarding. Simple rules, so that anyone can join.
The Sandbox
Unique sandbox game, with a charming pixel graphics that allow you to feel yourself in the role of the Creator.
HiCalc Pro
Best Calculator for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
“Nine” is a popular card game of our childhood.
TravelRussia (en)
TravelRussia – easy Geo Locator content across Russia, useful to all foreign guests.
Clowning Around
Create an unforgettable performance with a group of clowns.
Hotspot Football
Addictive game in the style of football puzzle.
Mental Mouse
motocross game in which you have to play … Mouse.
Air Sharing
Mounting the iPhone or iPod as a hard drive on a computer running under Mac, Windows or Linux (connected to the same network of Wi-Fi) connection or via any web browser.
Addictive puzzle about the political life of the country. Pass all stages of the election, become President, drank a Budget!
Match Puzzles
matches puzzle game Puzzle game field. This should correct the equation with moving the match in the right place.
DMD Panorama
The best application for creating panoramic images directly on the iPhone.
English for children with Piggy and Stepashka. English lessons with the characters “Good night, m
The ideal application for your baby!
Kid teaches the basics of the English language, along with the familiar and dear to us heroes – Piggy, Stepashka and sirloin.
Airport City HD
fascinating strategy game “Airport-City” consists of two parts: the one you have to build a modern international airport with all the servers and services, and the other – to develop the city, which will provide the airport with all necessary.
Flick Soccer! HD
Simulation game of football.
BrainDead Test
Test intelligence with the ability to export the results to Facebook.
classic board game is very popular not only in Russia.
This application will allow you to watch your favorite TV series right on the iPhone or iPad.
It is a fast and high-precision automotive GPS / GLONASS navigation with detailed and current maps of Russia and foreign countries.
Tap Tap Revenge Tour
What could be better than playing with your favorite teams in Tap Tap Revenge? Take them with you on a world tour!
Angry Gran
A game about a very nasty old woman, who really need the money.
Puck Puck
Fun and addictive game, vaguely similar to curling.
Crouching Panda, Hidden elk
In this game you have to choose a beast-fighter, give him special powers, armed to the teeth, and sent to the Arena, where are the funny fight against real opponents!
GDZ – for homework
for homework (GDZ) – a useful application for students and their parents. Solutions jobs to more than 300 textbooks in core subjects grades 5-11.
Pentago as tic-tac-toe, only better! Try to build up 5 balls of your color and foil the plans of the enemy.
Flick Nations Rugby
simulation game of rugby.
Google Latitude
This application allows you to look at the map, where your friends and family and show them your current location.
It’s a fun chat with vivid characters, interaction with other chat participants, lots of gifts, visual effects, funny emoticons, etc.
The most important collection of comic books, with support for Guided View ™, which allows to comfortably read comics even on the small screen of your iPhone.
HD Player
utility for watching videos on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Wallpaper HD
is a completely new application that provides all the best high definition wallpapers for your iPhone, iPod touch, and ayped.
Calorie Counter
Easy calorie counter to help keep track of when and what you eat and how many calories were.
Great app that helps aplanirovat and make perfect trip.
Temple Run: Braveheart
Continuation of the popular series – the game “Temple Run: Braveheart” with improved graphics and new features!
Gammon Gold
In gold backgammon awaits a different game design and you can compete with other players via Bluetooth or GameCenter.For both beginners and professionals.
Zombie Flick HD
game where you have to survive the zombie apocalypse.
app for official microblogging service Twitter.
This application will help you to save your precious memories into a beautiful collage of photos.
Russian TV
Your mobile TV to receive Russian TV! Mobile Authenticator
This application increases the security of your account on, preventing unauthorized access to it.
Cut the Rope: Experiments
What is Am Yum! This question is asked by millions of fans around the world the popular game Cut the Rope – Game of the cute little monster that eats candy like it’s his job!
is an interactive corporate magazine Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) of the pipe business in Russia and the world.
In your hands the largest online catalog of licensing clips in Russia. No longer need to search for and download music videos – watch them online in high quality.
NFL Flick Quarterback
Game-football game.
Bowl Predictions
Mythical ball predictions Marie Lenormand who will tell you the answer to your every question.
Flick Nations Rugby HD
simulation game of rugby.
Guitar Pro
Sheet editor designed for creating, editing and listening to guitar tablature and musical scores.
Flick Golf HD
golf simulator.
Station “Tatneft” – one of the fastest growing network of filling stations in the Russian Federation. The application allows you to find the nearest gas station to the company.
3G Unrestrictor
patch, which removes the restriction on downloading files over GPRS / EDGE (> 10 MB), and enables the VoIP application.
utility that adds features of the system in your app switching (Appswitcher).

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