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Google Chrome has been released for iOS. The browser is the most downloaded app directly, but the performances are disappointing, because Apple using slow JavaScript engine enforces.

Google Chrome, according to the group is currently the most popular browser in the world, is available for the iPhone and iPad. Also Chrome the default browser on Android 4.1 become.

Google presented the mobile browser developer conference I / O. Within a few hours after the software in Apple’s App Store appeared, he stood at the top of the list of “Top Free” apps.

For existing Chrome users

Chrome on iOS is primarily intended for people who already use Chrome on other computers, so their settings, bookmarks and open pages can sync.

Speed, one of the spearheads of Google’s advertising for Chrome does not play, because the browser is a lot slower than mobile Safari. That is to Apple, who does not want other browsers as complete native app running on iOS.

Brackish JavaScript engine

Chrome does not use its own browser engine, but used by Safari. In addition, Chrome forced to use UIWebView , and working with a slower JavaScript engine than Safari itself. The Nitro JavaScript engine in Safari has just-in-time (JIT) compilation, but when UIWebView that Apple has disabled “for security reasons”.

The first JavaScript benchmarks show that indeed Chrome 4 times slower than Safari. This leads in many cases to slow sites, as more sites heavy use of JavaScript.

Users can not Chrome as default browser set that option has not iOS.

Google Drive on iOS

Besides Chrome Drive storage service is also available for iOS, though the version is still very basic. Documents can be read online or offline, but cannot yet create and modify. Drive on other platforms, now offers ultimate weather offline editing. That was years ago, to the Google Gears plug pulled.

Google Drive has received an update in the backend so the program will automatically recognize scanned text and pictures.

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