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The Achilles heel of a Smartphone is the battery. Fortunately, there are many apps that help you get the last drop of energy from your device to squeeze. We chose five from Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

Advanced Task Killer (Android)

If you do not pay attention, state your Android device by full applications that run in the background and now your battery draining. With this handy app you can by pressing a button you stop all running processes, unless you first off you “kill list” removes. There is a paid (3.46 Euros) and free version of Advanced Task Killer , but there is hardly any difference between the two. Anyway particularly useful to quickly at hand.

APNdroid (Android)

Wireless networks are like no other battery of your Android phone blank drawing. With APNdroid check your meticulous when gps, bluetooth, 3G and wifi on or off. The Pro version (0.50 euro) has no ads.

Juice Defender (Android)

Juice Defender is the ultimate battery manager for Android and exists in both a free version and a Plus (1.99 euros) and Ultimate Variant (4.99 euros). You personal energy profiles, wifi on or off depending on your location and all data connections off when you overnight sleeping. The program can even turn down the processor a notch so you can enjoy more of your smartphone. Although not all features are free, you will almost certainly benefit from JuiceDefender.

Battery Ultra (iOS)

A battery app for iOS should not only your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad prolong life, but also look good. Ultra Battery (0.79 euro) succeeds on both fronts. The app gives detailed information about your battery life, so you always know when to recharge.

Meter Berry (BlackBerry)

Meter Berry (3.39 euros) is without doubt the most informative battery application for Blackberry devices and keeps you constantly informed updatende icons of temperature, the amount of free memory and remaining battery life.

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