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Personal data assign to a device, many have a bad feeling. Your personal information behind in various applications is not without risk, there can always be information leaks. Fortunately, this is not common.

In iOS 6 are measures that the unauthorized use of personal guarantees better. Apple’s privacy protection thoroughly addressed and now it is quite easy to manage all the applications that use your personal information. Additionally, you now own application permission to use your data to use.

Privacy has its own preferences menu; here you can find all the settings for location services, contacts, calendars, reminders and find photos. Additionally it is possible to manage all application that use Twitter and Facebook. The setting for location services is not unknown in iOS and remained virtually unchanged. The other privacy settings, however, is new in iOS 6.

With the switch in location services have the ability to set the option on or off. When this option is disabled application cannot determine your location. The location services are also used to accurately determine your location, such as the maps application. Therefore you can be certain application use to create your site. This can very easily do by next application location services on or off.

In options contacts, calendars, reminders and photos is not possible fully separate off. When you click on these options drained you get a list of application that use that option. Next to each application there is a switch that you can toggle on and off. For example if you do not want to Instagram using your photos you can go to the “Photos” the switch next Instagram off. This gives no permission to Instagram your photos using.

Through the “Share via Bluetooth ‘applications can request permission to use Bluetooth to some file sharing.

Obviously, the new privacy settings are not fully guarantee that your privacy remains protected, however you decide now which application may use your data. When your privacy and location services To reset you can do this via: Settings ▸ General ▸ ▸ Reset  Reset Location and Privacy

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